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  1. same error here anyone have any solutions for this one also add...this messages appear also "winusb pipe error,winusb error....something like that error messages.... TIA
  2. ! C:\Users\folder\Downloads\I8000NXXJ9_WM65\Phone_eboot.zip: CRC failed in Phone_I8000DXIJ1_REV_04.bin. The file is corrupt Please check this problem also....Phone+eboot Rar got some error.....downloaded it from MediaFire thanks in advance cheers
  3. you're a great help,been looking this for ages,very clever individual you keep it up.... cheers
  4. yes thanks a lot, but i know this one already, the only problem iam having is that i can't get pass through the alignment screen which is repeating itself forever,so cannot go through the dial pad to type in the preconfiguration option to change the phones rom language from arabic(dont know from which country)(and dont know the current ROM version either)...into one of Singapore or Philippines' ROM, that is where i am stuck right now.... so is there anyway to bypass the alignment screen then?just to get to the dialpad of the phone......
  5. Hi there, Can someone please help me out here, I am trying to fix my friends Omnia 1, but the problem is,that it has been ages since i flash Omnia 1,and forgot how the process now,just want to double check again so can fix my friends phone and not BRICK it.... ....so the Phone's Specs are.... > i-900 Omnia > I think it was bought from abu dhabi so its original factory settings in arabic > 8gb > windows 6.1 > Firmware Version: not sure,and he's not sure either.... > i think he said to me that it was drop once and got a problem with the alignment screen or something....... > ......that's why he hard reset the unit and became arabic and it gets STUCK up at the alignment screen and never pushes through even if he finishes to align the thing.... now thats where the problem now lies......need to re-flash the phone right in order for it to work.....???? > now how to re-flash the thing when it is stuck at the alignment screen and cannot push through and cannot active sync the phone for it to be flashed??? > at the moment the phones original ROM came out already,which is in arabic,now we want to change the ROM's language into one of 2 Options, Singapore's, or Philippines' ROM.....but how to do that again??? if i remeber it right have to Pre-Config the thing,right....whats the code number again???then just select southeast asia,then singapore.....right?.....but how to get pass the alignment thing first to do those things subsequently???in order to flash the phone correctly..... ......so how? Thanks in Advance Cheers ya all
  6. OMG....KUDOS to the one who found this and made this possible.....it really works,even for video it records just fine.... THANKS A LOT!!! Cheers p.s. would this work as well in Omnia1 i-900???,just add the dword line also???
  7. is the Phone part: DXIH2 with the H3 rom from sorg???if not,where can we find this phone part then?whos ROM is it in? thanks in advance
  8. i think this is promising....can anymore of you out there have tried this and didnt brick their O2's????
  9. HTC phones are Overly Priced than Samsung Phones(the hi-end ones)....100-200 dollars more...i think?
  10. Wow! 2 O2's..... ......anyways something is dead wrong with Samsung,i dunno but its kinda being so slow with everything...... cheers
  11. kinda funny ya know,why would samsung mobile SG post a firmware upgrade on their website but cannot update our O2 via NPS....and shows phone not supported bla blah thingy.....i think somethings wrong with Samsung now a days....theyre firmwares have a lot bugs/memory leaks/hang ups/errors and such,the O2 phone itself has also a lot of issues,may it be software related or hardware related,they are even so wrong on their User Manuals where as they say that the SOFT RESET button is the phones antena thus spoiling ur antena when soft reseting!!!.....ah yo....getting a bit frustrated with samsung now a days....maybe HTC not so bad and the touch hd2 could be a good alternative option...... cheers Samsung!
  12. Hi All, reverted back to H9 from Previa,and for me its fast and more spare memory, anyways ask if anyone knows why everytime i restart or soft reset my phone,the message compose area shows everytime a chinese charactered keypad,but it goes away evrytime you press abc mode,its quite annoying whenever you use your keypad after a soft reset or restarting your phone,anyone have any solutions???sorry for not looking arround for the answer 1 more question.....can i like interchange CSC's/pda,eboot/ from other roms to other roms,meaning for example J1 csc with H9 pda,eboot???is this safe or would give conflicts and problems??? PDA: I8000HZHIH9 CSC: I8000HBRIH9 PHN: I8000XXIH4<<<<<<maybe this is the issue here? coz just DL this from other place not the one included phone part in H9 pack. Should be I8000XXIH2 phone part instead? thanks a lot cheers ya all
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