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  1. ok ok ;) I know .... but ..... it's possible: 1. disable autolock and change button association 2. display date 3. show alarm if set 4. change text "phone locked,...." because it's not display correcly Thanks by Larsen
  2. YEAHHHHH ;) it's WORK!!!!! G R E A T !!!!! I'ts fantastink1 :( It's possible associate a specific button/function to activate the lock??? THANKS!!!!! by Larsen
  3. Don't work :( setting_lock is not application for pocket pc!! Can you help me?
  4. I wont your lockscreen!!!!! :( Where do you find it???? Tanks by Larsen
  5. It's possible to control Radio using the headphone? Thanks Larsen
  6. This solution work in i900 Omnia 240x400 ? or it's only for i8000 OMNIA II 480x800 ???? Tanks by Larsen
  7. The keyboard on build 23082 not work correctly :) I view only the QWERTY style!! by Larsen
  8. Good work, but the sms icon is not good :excl: It's possible insert a letter icon??? Look the photo bye Larsen
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