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  1. Its a good practice to flash the latest official ROM first before flashing custom/cooked ROM.
  2. I thought DX is for Philippines while DZ is for Singapore.
  3. Hi everybody. I've been out of this board for number of days because my omnia had a long vacation at samsung service center. It's nice to be back here. :D :lol: :lol: Now back to flashing... Kuanchai (or anyone), what is most stable wm6.5 version? Which is better, 21222 or 21500? Thank you.
  4. Omnia logo didnt show up, just black screen & the power button is lit red. I'm afraid my omnia was dead. Thank you.
  5. Thank you for giving attention to my problem. I bought my omnia 2 months ago, brandnew, with 1-year samsung warranty. Not much applications were installed as i'm just testing that wm6.5 by phamquang. Only resco file explorer & core player were installed. My omnia's rom when i bought was DXHK3, then flshed to taril's DXIA2 -> DXIA5 -> and all of kuanchai's wm6.5 (thanks to both of them). It was never dropped nor over charged. I take care of it because, as you've said, costs around USD 600. Im hoping that you, experts, help me. (aside from sending my omnia to samsung sc) Thank you so much.
  6. Thanks for the quick reply. I did trying to reflash with your rom and taril's but the "Start" button is gray. Omnia logo is never displayed, only the power button is lit red.
  7. My omnia is dead. This happened last saturday after flashing Kuanchai's 4-in-1 21198. All went smoothly during flashing up to "Job done" pop-up. But my phone didnt start-up, as should be. Screen was black with the power switch red light. I've flashed my omnia several times (wm6.1 & 6.5 alike) but this the first time to happen. My rom prior to this flashing was PhamQuang's wm6.5. I need anybody's help. THANK YOU. P.S.: I posted my problem here rather than creating a new thread. (a kind of OT)
  8. Im using PPCPimBackup V2.8 since wm6.1 on my Asus P525 till now on Omni wm6.5 (build 21198.5.0.0).
  9. Kuanchai, Thank you. Downloading now. Will report immediately once tested. BTW, what's the difference between M2D Lite and Full?
  10. How can i determine that mine is an old touchscreen or the new one? Thanks in advance.
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