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  1. Hi OCK I've been using ur last 5 or 6 M2D roms. Sadly ur latest ROMs r not as smooth as before. Plz take it as a feedback, no offence. BCoz u guys rock!
  2. What about O2? Data service of O2 is miserable. In fact, last 1 year was awful. HSDPA signal is shown but speed is a typical GPRS.
  3. Tested titaniumsense...works very smooth. Only thing u can improve is the today page fonts. they r rough, especially HTC clock one. But I like the idea...big thanks... Now installing m2d version. let u know how it went. cheers.
  4. Installed WinMo 6.5.1 2303* build. To edit any tab setting like weather is a pain. hard to get rid off the settings. also music player on home screen does not run very smoothly. Thanks for ur contribution ;)
  5. Damn! 24001 M2d2 is excellent. Really love the way u changed the text window. Superb! And also like omnia lite dialer which is surely more touch friendly than other dialers. One thing, can u plz replace the winmo default calender with omnia lite calender at m2d2 home? Also could u plz add HTC keyboard...I'm not sure where u can find but I saw one rom with it. Overall, fantastic ROM. Thanks..
  6. Hi pDhee just installed ur Omnia ROM M2D v2 base DXIF1 build 23518.5.3.0 COM 5 with BT-audio fix (Test rom). One problem I'm facing is data plan. I dont connect to internet automatically. If I turn on data from comm manager, it cuts off soon after I try to use it. Any solution...plz? Thanks...ROM looks gr8 n works smooth :)
  7. V.47 installed... M2DTOConfig does not work...It's a non-English program, impossible to understand :) Touch sensitivity is fantastic. No call log??? But ROM is working very smooth...Will let u know stuffs. Cheers.
  8. @Touch player cant add file to playlist and closes automatically. @Program menu is an endless cycle.
  9. Fair enough. Why r u sharing it then. Keep it to urself....
  10. I dont understand why some people share their resourses but dont want to give password!!!!! Why to PM? U'r not sharing a private adult video. So, plz publish with password or keep it to urself.
  11. I've been using O2 for last 3 years. Network at my place is terrible. Quite often there is no network. Dont understand how come they claim to be the best network! Mostly I get GPRS/EDGE. Even when I get HSDPA outside my house, it's does not make any speed difference at all. Really pissed off O2 but my contract gets me locked to them ;)
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