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  1. EDIT well, just cooked my first localized rom: nice and easy, thanks yonn! the only problem so far is that I'm missing a few items in settings: usb connection mode (mass storage or activesync, only the latter is available by default) and operator settings (so the phone won't connect to the web). any ideas (yeah, noob question, I know :) )? cheers!
  2. Nice! ;) Because it was based upon a modified xml with shortcuts on the bottom (see post #4188) :(
  3. I guess HKEY_CURRENT_USER\System\State\Appointments\HomeScreen\Start Time is what he was looking for, but the time is in binary format, so we'd need a script to convert the binary text into something easier to understand (someone at XDA already did it). Your suggestion is just easier to implement, and solves another problem: using the apptex keys we can have the next appointment on the home screen regardless of its date (not only if it's today or tomorrow, which is the standard WM behavior). Only problem is that the appointments on the home screen won't update unless you open the agenda panel! :) EDIT: Ok, maybe we have a compromise. On the home screen will always be shown the next appointment, with date and time, but it won't be updated automatically. - click on the agenda pane title bar: update - click on the appointment: update + opens calendar Also, I removed automatic appointments refreshing in the agenda panel: - click on the agenda title bar: update - click on appointments: update + opens calendar Anyone interested, my skin.xml is attached (with shortcuts on the bottom bar), and the original one is here too, in case you're in trouble or you don't like the result. :) skin_original.xml skin.xml
  4. Thank you pal! I'm sharing the very first attempt: just little home screen tweaking Anyone interested: replace skin.xml in "program files\XIAMultiTheme\themes\ock_alphaUI" and bottombar.png in "program files\XIAMultiTheme\themes\ock_alphaUI\images\home" skin.xml
  5. Hi OCK, I've been lurking your thread for a long time, and finally I decided to flash: first the GTX, then your last ROM: both are awesome. XIAMultiTheme seems nice; it's a bit annoying when the screen flicks to refresh as you move between panels ore click on a shortcut. but it's ok. Your alphaUI is really stylish and eye-catching! My suggestions: - remove the automatic update from the agenda panel. - your ported metro lock - maybe with no background - would be a perfect companion (the clock style is the same as alphaUI)! - maybe you should try to remove the shortcuts pane and move the shortcuts on the bottom bar (the 3 icons there are redundant: it's easier to use the gestures! :) ): the home screen would be more polished and less cluttered, and it should still look good. I'll take a look to see if I'm able to do it myself, by the way: you've already spent a lot of time for the last release! So far no bugs, everything is just perfect. Thank you!
  6. Thank you jo, that Manila-crashing thing was disturbing, and now it's gone :)
  7. No fixes so far, but if you press the arrows to the next week/month (depending on your default view) then it lets you access the other tabs and the menu.
  8. Even without CAB, Just overwrite the exe file in the windows folder: http://www.modaco.com/content/i9x0-omnia-h...black-original/
  9. It's not only sector's problem, and if I'm not wrong blazingwolf found a solution (he cooks i910 roms, dunno if that works for us).
  10. Thanks Khuanchai, just upgraded to PP12mb lite rom after an entire no-flashing month ;) Faster than ever! Anyway guys, there's something strange going on: As you can see there's a 1px line under the bottom bar. I realized it only having set a lighter background. Is it just me? EDIT: damn, in the screenshot it is barely visible... The bottom bar is 1px above its natural place, so it ends 1px before the very bottom of the screen, where there's a thin line showing the background instead.
  11. I think Blazingwolf found a fix, but he removed it from his thread in the i910 room (now it's cooked into his roms). We should ask him. +1
  12. HKLM/Software/Microsoft/Color I guess, but don't remember which value...
  13. Try Nuevasync instead: it's pretty much the same as GoogleSync, but all of your calendars are supported (not just one) :D
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