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    Omnia i910 - BW Night 1.4
  1. I am not sure about what size we would end up with. i wouldn't even know where to start, so i leave that decision up to those who know better then i. I am currently using the samsung keyboard. i have tried VITO's SPB's and Resco's. i have used fingerboard in the past, and i don't think i liked it, but i can't remember why. I guess i will try that again. It is livable. i have the service plan at best buy that will replace it even if i hit it with a hammer, but it is working well enough for me to not get to that point yet. i would rather wait till there is a better phone i want to upgrade too. Done that, did that 1st actually.
  2. I have noticed i have trouble pressing the keyboard buttons on the sides when i type, but the buttons in the middle i am fine with. would it be possible to widen the keys on the side by narrowing the keys in the middle? [--q--][--w--][--e-][--r-][-t-][-y-][-u--][-i--][--o--][--p--] Above is the idea i was thinking. just throwing it out there since i have no end of trouble hitting the blasted "P"
  3. So peeking in, i have a question. Any idea when we will have the final build of WinMo 6.5 or is it always gonna be an evolving OS (not a bad thing)? I know (or think i know) that there are some 6.5 phones shipping this month or the next. I have been holding off trying this ROM because as much as i love BW ROMs i get annoyed setting up a phone over and over, ring tones and such. Well, i am using BW night 1.4 MS3 and i love it, but my battery is now dieing super fast. probably something i did, but not sure what. i was gonna just re-flash night but, back to my original question, is there a new version of 6.5 on the horizon? Or better yet, is there a new version of this ROM in the works that i could wait on? `thanks, kinda rambled
  4. *BUMP* because this is my favorite rom. I claim this new page for the greater glory of Bander.
  5. did you do anything special to make that work? Literally all i did was use the free trial version when i used it last
  6. Question for the point UI people. I tried it out a bit ago and is it true that you only have 1 game of applications. I like PointUi for the size, but i need the ability to 'pin' more apps to the pages.
  7. I personally like Mobile Shell 3 I like being able to have as many pages as i want. It lets me split application to different pages. Basically, i get all the pretty of the iPhone but with the functions of a real phone. In addition to applications, i like being able to have instant info on the screen with stuff like missed called and calander and such. I even like the navigation of system info. Last, i like the icon dialing . Down side. Well, it is not free. Weather system sucks imo. Seems kinda busy, i like the systems i use, but there are a lot of things that i just never even both with.
  8. People on the forums will mention offhand what they use, and we have an entire thread dedicated to showing off display, but i want to know why people use each various one.
  9. don't use armadillo, that is just asking for a virus. there are better options.
  10. So, my first inkling on a problem was when MyPhone told me it could not connect to the server, this was last night. I kinda said Meh, its a beta service and probably down for maintenance. So, this morning i tried to manually sync and same error. So, i decided to see if there was anything posted on the site, but Opera never connected. At that point i was a little worried. So i tried Google maps. The aGPS worked fine, but it too could not connect to the internet. Finally i checked PIE and it Dialed and connected a treat. now they all work. My confusion is over why did PIE fix my connection. I think my phone is set to auto-dial for internet, at least it has before. I am fairly sure there is a setting in the phone to have it auto-dial for internet w/e if needs it, but i have never had to set that on a flashed ROM. Anyone seen this happen before. I mean, its great that i have a work-around but it this keeps happening it is gonna start to annoy me.
  11. just tried the new beta ROM. pretty solid, i didn't notice any bugs that would bother me. I wound up going back to 1.4MS because i love Mobile shell and i love HTC taskmanager (esp the ability to close a program by hitting "X"). I saw that HTC manager was in the beta but did not work properly with MS3, same with the Comm Manager, it did not work properly when i loaded MS3. I am sure BW will get it working when the MS3 ROM comes out, so i will just sit patiently till that happens. ...................................................F5......................F5... .........F5........F5......F5...F5..F5.F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5
  12. Dude, post that wallpaper. Scrat is the only reason i watch those movies
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