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  1. try this out http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=478519 you should be able to get a confirmation box to block what ever you want
  2. hi ock congratulations with the i9000 it's just awesome :P By the way, jm6 is the most balanced stock rom until froyo arrives later this month :)
  3. Hi ock Thanks a lot for all your "donations" to the i900. It kept it alive so much longer :huh: Good luck with your studies and hope to see you around modaco when your time calendar allows it again. Take care
  4. Is samsung usb driver installed ? Is active sync installed ? Is the operating system xp ? Is firewall deactivated ? If all that's written above is ok then proceed with the flash 1 Start the flash program 2 Power off the phone and wait 30 sek 3 Connect phone 4 Turn on phone 5 Push start button in flash program In process bar, program will write "job done"
  5. hey remember that we where all noobs and yes he could have searched some more but that doesn't help the man so no need to write such remarks. Here is how to flash http://www.modaco.com/content/i900-general...00-omnia-phone/ Here some solutions on a bricked phone http://www.modaco.com/content/i9x0-omnia-h...ick-your-omnia/ http://www.modaco.com/content-page/271574/...hh-rom/page/80/ If you're lucky you can still start the omnia and flash the right way but remember that the warranty disappears. If it don't start remove the battery for 5 min and try again, otherwise you have to try the solutions on a bricked phone
  6. The build you're talking about from ock is most likely not with dxia5 phonepart but an indication of the files he uses in his kitchen to make the rom. Incorrect software is fixed in ock build but if not it can be corrected with a cab The phonepart thing if very often discussed so it's just what you think is best for your phone. Ex puja, dxif and xbic is some of the best. Puja is made for countries with poor reception and it boost the signal strength and therefore uses more power Xbic is made for countries with good reception and therefore it saves more battery power. Dxif seems to be in the middle of these two but I experienced poor speech quality so I changed back to xbic When you flash a phonepart it won't erase your data on the phone. phonepart link http://www.modaco.com/content/i900-general...-at-the-moment/ most exe files http://www.modaco.com/content/i900-general...d/#entry1036607 bin files exe files under xp and bin under win7/vista The free memory isn't set by the phonepart but by the rom you flash
  7. some xtra regions Japanese / Korean Chinese(Traditional/Simples) RUssian(supported by default?) Romania Croatian Makedinia Czech Arabic Dutch Azeri(Cyrille) Estonia Azeri(Latin) Faeroes Basque Finnish Belarusian Fyro Bulgarian Greek Catalan Hebrew Hungarian Iceland Latvian Polish Prtuguese Rommania Serbian(Cyrille/Latin) Slovak Solovenia Swahilli Tatatr Turkish Ukraina Thai Urudu(pakisitan) Uzbek(Cyllile/Latain) Regional_by_vazzz.cab
  8. I don't think that a soft reset will help only a hard reset might do the trick. It could have something to do with auto time adjust, so if a hard reset doesn't help, turn of auto time. Is it the ordinary clock "not the flip clock on home screen" that won't change or both ?
  9. http://www.iconspedia.com/search/tom%20tom/ http://www.customxp.net/PngFactory/icone-p...om-one-isb.html
  10. bluetooth problems could be caused by srswow, try uninstall. If it doesn't fix the problem you can try to change this value in registry if it's been altered. HKLM\System\State\Hardware\Headset from 0 to 1 As for phone freeze enable dialerskin and see if that helps
  11. And at http://samsung-firmware.webs.com/samsungi9000.htm at the bottom of screen
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