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  1. anyone know how to backup the words you added to the dictionary ?
  2. hi ryrzy best rom I ever used, great work :D The only "bug" I've found is that the ending of the wifi connection is really slow when I shut it down from the settings menu in m2d. No such problem when I shut it down the old fashion way
  3. +1 soft reset and the time and date is set back to 1/1 2008
  4. for many, omnia keyboard will not install. If there is a new version of omnia keyboard, that will install, please share
  5. latest nordic is xbhi3 and can be downloaded from samsungmobile, what I see as the best rom, is 23060 from Khuanchai.
  6. Hmm tried shokka's 23047 "m2d", Khuanchai's 23060 and sector's 23049 "m2d" never had a problem with sms !!! May be because I use a different phone.bin "nordic" but I'am not sure. 23060 is the best version I've ever used. Battery time is ok in this one to.
  7. Hi shokka With samsung keypad on you can't write a password in browsers, ex facebook you can write your email but not pass. Only the "numberpad" is possible when in the password field. Tried it with ie and opera. Is that something that you have an influence on or is just me ?? Thanks again for great roms :)
  8. dosn't really matter what build shokka makes, they are all great :D By the way, thinks the man needs a break and wm is released on the 6 next month so why bother to make 23041 !!
  9. any one who know a link that shows the diff between the builds or what was improved on the build since the last build ??
  10. jep writing is faster with touchresponse, by the way the time/date dosn't reset on my dev
  11. Shokka great rom like always, just amazing :D I think I found a problem with the samsung phonepad. When using it without xt9 you can't press two times on the same button, with xt9 on it can be used but it is not as good as in the 23017 build.
  12. I just didn't think about that :angry: In the last rom there was a problem with chome editor, that's why I asked, but it seems to be working fine now.
  13. Sry didn't se the icon and name hat changed and was moved to system folder, last version I hat, was different. Thanks trektech
  14. Thanks for great rom's shokka :) Is it just me or is srs wow missing ??? If it just me can you please post it so that i can download it ;) and by the way there's at dead link on your first page in this post http://content/i900-general-omnia-rom-disc...le-6-5-goodies/
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