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  1. Is there any one who could upload the clock.exe from a 6.1 rom :D Seams like I forgot to backup :angry:
  2. 6.5 rom seems to have pretty slow sms so if you can live with a 6.1 and pay for spb I would go that way. There's many ways to customize and you can search modaco and see what different users did You can have a look here to see what I did with a 6.1 http://www.modaco.com/content-page/295307/...links/page/260/
  3. Just a couple of questions, hope that some one can enlighten me :D The site paul mentioned http://samsung-firmware.webs.com/WEBPROTECT-samsungi9000.htm, can I follow their guide and flash any i9000 ? " Of course I choose the right region" When I flash, will the language change in the phones menu's and will it then not be possible to get the native language back ? The firmwares on that site is it stock ? What is the best os to flash under, xp or win7 ? Yes I know that linux is probably the best but I haven't worked with a linux system since 98 and my hard drive is filling up fast :angry:
  4. don't have the cab for im selector but I copied it from program files so copy it to your program files and see if it will run. There's also another keyboard changer you could try but haven't tested it. Remember to backup ervius_Sip_Selector_v3.CAB IMSelector.zip
  5. I think benzo's rom is with bt fix, just ask him :) Rom link's http://www.pdagismo.com/forum/viewforum.php?forum_id=22 benzo on modaco http://www.modaco.com/content/i900-general...h-m2d-v-2-lite/
  6. Did a little research and found out that it's a 6.5 problem and should not be phonepart related. A 6.1 fix is HKCU\ControlPanel\SoundCategories\Ring; Change the DWORD: AttenuationCategory to Value: 1 but not sure if it will work on 6.5
  7. When it's on "ring" no vibrate is it then still the same. If it's then "normal" try u installing srswow and see if that helps. Power off the phone not reset.
  8. try this HKEY_CURRENT_USER\System\State\Messages look after "folders" with unread as name and change value to 0 where it says 1 cause that would be the mms. Before you do this read all other messages so all counters should be 0 except one with the mms in it. Power off and it should be gone regedit.Mrln_ARM.cab
  9. Ock knows about the right button not working and would fix it for the next build or so I heard :) In the meantime you could map task manager to a button and yes I know it's not a fix but just something that would make using the rom a little easier to use. Hope it helps a little until ock is back answering questions :D
  10. settings>personal>input or press and hold the keyboard button in the botton of the screen when you're trying to write
  11. hi ock You talked about doing something new but what about doing something old like a 6.1 rom for all spb users :) If I remember correctly you did any other build so there's sort of missing a 6.1 rom in your credentials :D I know it's not the most exciting thing to do but 6.1 is stable and most programs will run. I really miss your integration of swf in opera so that flash would be played in wm player or directly in streaming player. Anyways thanks for all your hard work in cooking and support
  12. think I saw somewhere that it has an sk score of 296 and I think that this is a 6.1 rom
  13. It worked just ok with my phone. Did you enable lock under personally>buttons and then chose wake up from bottom of the screen
  14. The original samsung keyboard will be overwritten, other keyboards won't.
  15. with omnia lite keyboard you can, not with the original keyboard cab. Hold xt9 button on keyboard to change layout omnia_lite_keyboard.cab
  16. Hi all Is omnia lite settings as a cab something you have seen any where ?
  17. hi benzo Tested your 21057 lite rom and looks and feels very good, just sry that it still has that mms problem. I can send mms and when a new mms "arrives " I receive a message that I can download mms but when I try to download it doesn't. Don't know if it's limited to a specific continent because with some users it works fine. No problems with other roms and mms except pdee's rom, his rom's could not make my phone download mms either.
  18. Hi all I stumbled on a 2g/3g switcher. I've tested 1 day on a 6.1 wm and it works perfectly. It automatic engages 3g when ever it's needed and returns to 2g automatic. This little app saves about 40 % of my battery compared to not using it. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=478519 Please remember to donate if you like it :)
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