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  1. hehe would be nice to see screen shots but no Russian symbols installed so cannot complete registration. Maybe you could post them here or pm me. Would really like to see what kind of rom's they are building :(
  2. did you try operator change for 30 sek and then back again ? If you did you can try this Manila_Home_v2_Weather_Updater__with_MortScript.cab
  3. there is a thread for this http://www.modaco.com/content/i900-general...-at-the-moment/ Personally I prefer xbic which has the lowest power consumption, but it's only for countries where reception is good. Dxif uses a bit more power but has better signal strength. If the reception is really bad, puja seems to have the best signal strength but it uses a lot of power. The only way to know which phonepart is best for you is by testing. I would say that is the three best choices a the moment. There can however be other things that may have an influence on ones choice of phonepart. Ex. krasy radd recommends zhie for his rom's for better stability with m2d v2
  4. install s2u2 manually to main and see if that doesn't help http://www.s2p.ac-s2.com/ or you can try to run cert and after that try to change settings again. 1._SdkCerts.cab
  5. why use a 6.5 rom for spb !!!! Well anyway another phone part might be a solution. Ock mentioned it about 10 pages back. I don't remember which one he talked about sry. Over at jn foundation they talked about zhie as being the best for m2d v2 and I believe that was the phone part ock talked about but Im not sure
  6. If you're trying to go back to original samsung rom's this thread might help http://www.modaco.com/content/i900-general...rsion-tutorial/
  7. does mms work, so that you can see the picture you received ?
  8. just a little brain storming: Is your usb connection in active sync mode or storage mode ? And just to be sure again. You can't power off your phone without taking the battery out ?. You can't hold the power button down until the phone powers off ? Is that correct understood ? Sry to ask again but never ever heard of an omnia doing what yours does
  9. I've compared pdhee's mms driver and other files with other rom's and no difference. The only visible thing I can see, and I'm not a cook, is the flashing program is version 1.6.4 and with other cooks it's 1.6.6. I've talked with other users of pdhee's roms and some had the same problem with mms so it's not just one phone where it doesn't work. Looking forward to see if you can fix it :rolleyes: Ps nice to see that you start with a 231.. build and plan to do a 21057. Once again, nice to see you're cooking for modaco users :D
  10. welcome benzo :rolleyes: Tried one of your rom's before but could not use it because mms didn't work for me and had the same problem with pdhee's roms. Is that something that has been fixed ?
  11. Don't know which build you are using, so it's hard to give a precise answer, but here comes :rolleyes: There might be a tool in tools dir to change the default storage location and that might work. Think the default is device>my documents>my ringtones You should be able to play mp3 ring tones when they are copied to the windows dir or simply find the ring tone you want to use via file explorer and press and hold the file, then select use as ring tone
  12. Forgot to say that sd card would be a nice thing to remove to.
  13. So you phone will not power on when connected to a pc. Never heard of an i900 behaving like this unless your phone is locked. You could try to flash without the sim and see if that would make a difference but sounds like your phone part has been modded to act like it does but I'm not sure about this. If you phone is locked you can get some info here http://www.modaco.com/content/i9x0-omnia-h...omnia-it-works/ Ps you can do some research using the grand prix flasher, I haven't used it for along time so I can't help you there. Hope you can use some of this info to get your phone flashed. Good luck :rolleyes:
  14. very strange. if auto boot on usb connect the phone is probably not powered completely off. Try this.remove battery and insert again when the phone is connected to pc and flash is running
  15. 1 power off phone 2 shutdown firewall, antivirus and disconnect internet from pc 3 start flash program 4 connect phone 5 power on phone 6 press start button in flash program You might already have done it that way, but just need to be sure, so it's possible to isolate the problem
  16. yep, I checked the path a million times and wrote it with the spaces and without, with the " and with out, so I tried a lot I'm not on gtx anymore. spb 3.5.4 was released, as where vostradamus new widget pack and that pack contains so many widgets I had to test :D I'm using shokka's last 6.1 rom to test
  17. you can use omnia lite keyboard. Hold xt9 button down on keyboard to change layout, included are qwerty, keypad and phonepad . Same languages as original keyboard. After install you might not be able to get lg keyboard back omnia_lite_keyboard.cab
  18. yes I did that. When I tried to run the exe from program files, it didn't run, but when I moved the exe file to the windows dir there was no problem. Maybe I need a hard reset or something :rolleyes: I don't know if it means something to have the icon in windows dir and the exe file in program files or what is your experience ?
  19. hi ock or others :rolleyes: Was trying to change some programs in action screen and discovered that the program you want to start has to be in the windows dir. Is there a work around so that you can start programs from program files dir ?
  20. there isn't touchflo in ultralite and if you mean titanium, it's start>settings>home and choose items. Make sure there's no X in the boxes and choose ok
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