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  1. goto start>tools>m2dc in botton off new screen, select tab, untick what you don't want and hit apply botton
  2. just joking around :) I know I've got a weird kind humor or so I'm told
  3. you guys may be right about asking ock about little things, but all those who uses ock's rom's should be kind enough to help when people are asking nice enough. This should be a forum where we all pitch in where we can :)
  4. remove battery for 1 minute and it should be fine. If something is gone wrong flash again. As a newbie to flashing rom's use windows xp, no firewall, no antivirus and no internet connection. If you want to use vista or seven google for solution to do that or just search this forum. As corpisa said, really hope you didn't try to flash i8000 UPS sry corpisa I answered to, didn't see he wanted a guru and not me :)
  5. You might search on something like wifi router, such a program might keep you connection alive. Just what I would be looking for if I needed wifi to stay alive, but have never tested.
  6. hi ock save location is just where the exe file is so you can just copy the exe file to storage or where you want. Was searching for a much more complicated way when that just hit me :) Some apps I stumbled over OMNIA_Dice2.CAB ManilaBirthday.CAB
  7. Try to shift operator for 30 sek and then back again. It sets the rules, for programs, to connect. Homepage weather, update tab, wait 30 sek and then update homepage. I had to do it twice before it worked
  8. sb you know better than giving fire the oxygen that it needs, right :)
  9. hehe yeah that was a tricky one :) By the way, is there a reg tweak that would allow opera mobile to play swf files to ?
  10. ock's premium and gtx 23118 does the trick it just uses windows mediaplayer instead of streaming player. Only opera mini not mobile ps ie works too
  11. please let us know how the battery consumption is compared to puja. Used puja but went back to xbic because of the higher power consumption of puja
  12. Found that it routes through a server in usa to get web pages I would not advice to use passwords before you checked the company. Might be nothing and probably is but I'm a security freak so just thought I would mention
  13. you have checked that s2u2 isn't the one that turns the phone off after 60 sek :)
  14. hi ock found a bug in front camera in gtx version. It starts ok but when you press shoot it doesn't take a picture, you just hear the error sound. Do you have a fix for that :) By the way very nice flash routine now, thanks.
  15. OCK have a big problem with 23118 premium. I didn't find anything to fix. What shall I do with all that spare time ;) :) If the battery holds out I think this is the best and fastest I've ever tried. Thanks a lot
  16. not bug free but minor bugs " v2 carbon". No xt9 language other than English but you can install omnia lite keyboard. It uses a lot of power, think it's the build because I tested 549 and it didn't use as much power as the 563 all though nearly same graphics. There's a lot of bugs in 549 or maybe just my phone that, after 3 hard reset, doesn't get it right :P
  17. Problem with not saving reg can, with some rom's, be fixed with power off in stead off soft reset.
  18. Screen alignment error could be helped by this HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE->HARDWARE->DEVICEMAP->TOUCH MaxCalError = 14 then soft reset The tick is something with a sound file in windows dir but can't remember, sry
  19. did you try fix for tomtom ? http://www.gsmfreeboard.com/showthread.php?t=194983
  20. 231.. is builds for htc phones and, in my opinion, more stable. However haven't tested since 23106
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