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  1. Hello again!

    My last problem not solved.

    My problem: Every day the phone is download 150KB. I was curious what the f*** is download 150KB data every day, so I downloaded the SPB Wireless Monitor trial, and installed it. It said System. My question is. How can I disable this "system" download. Pls don't say me: Disable GPRS in Dial-Up or Install nodata.cab, because it not resolve my problem. I want to use the mobile internet. But to waste 4.5MB per a month is too much. So somebody have any idea which program called "System" download 150KB every day, and how can I disable only this program.

    I disabled all of the automatic download programs. And I use OCK Eclipse Build 23118 rom.

    Sorry about my english skill.

    And thanks for your helping.

    try this out http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=478519 you should be able to get a confirmation box to block what ever you want

  2. my phone is still not working !!!

    Is samsung usb driver installed ?

    Is active sync installed ?

    Is the operating system xp ?

    Is firewall deactivated ?

    If all that's written above is ok then proceed with the flash

    1 Start the flash program

    2 Power off the phone and wait 30 sek

    3 Connect phone

    4 Turn on phone

    5 Push start button in flash program

    In process bar, program will write "job done"

  3. hey remember that we where all noobs and yes he could have searched some more but that doesn't help the man so no need to write such remarks.

    Here is how to flash


    Here some solutions on a bricked phone



    If you're lucky you can still start the omnia and flash the right way but remember that the warranty disappears.

    If it don't start remove the battery for 5 min and try again, otherwise you have to try the solutions on a bricked phone

  4. Thanks. I guess that anyone can understand what you say that ROM is only for PDA. But remain the question why the rom is called "6.5.3 DXIA5/23093 OCK"? :huh:

    Since my device is not DXIA5, have I to update my phone part with a DXIA5 first? If yes what do you think if I update with the new official rom DXIA5 of 156 MB (I need full of memory) which is proposed by Xray Man on this forum? original DXIA5 by Xray Man

    Hope it will be more easy to avoid "the incorrect software version" message ;)

    The build you're talking about from ock is most likely not with dxia5 phonepart but an indication of the files he uses in his kitchen to make the rom.

    Incorrect software is fixed in ock build but if not it can be corrected with a cab

    The phonepart thing if very often discussed so it's just what you think is best for your phone.

    Ex puja, dxif and xbic is some of the best.

    Puja is made for countries with poor reception and it boost the signal strength and therefore uses more power

    Xbic is made for countries with good reception and therefore it saves more battery power.

    Dxif seems to be in the middle of these two but I experienced poor speech quality so I changed back to xbic

    When you flash a phonepart it won't erase your data on the phone.

    phonepart link

    http://www.modaco.com/content/i900-general...-at-the-moment/ most exe files

    http://www.modaco.com/content/i900-general...d/#entry1036607 bin files

    exe files under xp and bin under win7/vista

    The free memory isn't set by the phonepart but by the rom you flash

  5. some xtra regions

    Japanese / Korean


    RUssian(supported by default?)




































  6. By i mean the time reset is not the time changing back to 2008. What I mean is, if i set the clock an hour plus or minus because of the time zone changes in my country, the time will change back.

    I also have done a few soft resets but the problem keep on happening..

    I don't think that a soft reset will help only a hard reset might do the trick. It could have something to do with auto time adjust, so if a hard reset doesn't help, turn of auto time. Is it the ordinary clock "not the flip clock on home screen" that won't change or both ?

  7. Hello,

    I'm using the version with AlphaUI... I installed Tomtom navigator and tried to add it to my shortcuts, but I get it with no icon... I receive a "select icon file" dialog but I have no idea where to find this icon (the icon is correct under WM6.5)...

    Can someone help me on this ?




  8. Looking forward to the new build. I have gone back to 6.1 in the meantime. Not only was my phone freezing, the bluetooth switched off on it's own when disconnecting from a hands-free set.

    bluetooth problems could be caused by srswow, try uninstall.

    If it doesn't fix the problem you can try to change this value in registry if it's been altered.

    HKLM\System\State\Hardware\Headset from 0 to 1

    As for phone freeze enable dialerskin and see if that helps

  9. cook a new brain and make all russian people forget the mistakes of your motherland in 1941-1945, buddy.

    may be you'll share yo icon pack, not screens there?

    amperman :)

    Chill out bro. I'm from denmark and a long time ago vikings murdered and raped all across europe, I really hope no one judges me for that :D

    Somewhere in my memories I seem to remember that stalin had an alliance with germany that went wrong and a "little" incident in Poland ( katyn ) where 20000 men, women and children where murdered by sovjet troops.English troops murdered 1300 french seamen in 1939. ALL countries did terrible things back then. There's just one thing, we are not the people from back then and we won't make the same mistakes again, right :P

    So let us leave the political scene and go back to more fun things like testing new builds :D

  10. [Concerning your new 25018 ROM]

    First I would like to thank you for a fast and stable ROM, I like the new skin. I'm experiencing a rather minor problem, though I would like to give some feedback on it. On the homescreen you can 'slide' to the Music tab, but apparently it isn't working, when I go to it, it starts Windows Media Player with the notification: "Cannot play the file. The file is either corrupted or the Player does not support the format you are trying to play." Though WMP can play every music file I have stored on my phone. Do you know how to fix this? :) I would be pleased to solve this little issue.


    have you tried WMP_File_Associations.cab from post 2. Don't know if it will fix it

  11. I love how those who criticize never contribute anything themselves. :) "ungrateful" is the word that comes to mind. It's that very attitude that pushes people away from winmo development. But maybe I'm a fool for thinking that?

    then I'm a fool too. It's alway easier to bitch than to help. Can't really see what people get out of those bad remarks, I hope he just had a bad day like we all can have once in awhile

  12. hm... i'm using premium 25018 and in m2d weather on home screen is missing, cant update it

    it just says tap to update, and when i tap it, it says no weather data available, but in weather tab works perfectly

    anyone knows whats the problem? :S

    mine did that to. From tab pick your location and update, enable htc location from settings tab. Then go to homescreen and tap update, it probably won't update but give it 10 min and it should be updated. Disable htc location

  13. I found one!

    (25018 M2D)

    The phone some time turn off by itself and I must turn it on again...and again. Any one know why? Can I fix this?

    And another question: I installed SKTool to my phone. Does it work compatible with FavHacking which included in ROM?

    That can be very different things. Defect sd card, low battery, dirty contacts on battery, defect sim card, software installed, user tweaks and so on. To check that it isn't the newly flashed rom do a hard reset two times.

    Sktools and fav doesn't run in the background so the only problem is that one program has one way of doing it and vs. Just don't make them change the same thing although I had never had any problems with those two programs

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