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  1. This's been frustrating. I downloaded the tweak pack, and the GPS worked pretty well for a few days, and as of today, it totally stopped working again. I have the google map. I can see the gps tries to acquire, but fail after so many tries. It worked fine all week last week. Any ideas?
  2. Thanks for the message. However, it didn't resolve the problem. This is a bit frustrating because the settings involved were so simple to trivial, but I can't get it working. On the laptop's ActiveSync, under File/Connection Settings, there are 5 places for checks. I checked all but the 3rd one "Allow connections to one of the following". This includes the one you mentioned "Allow wireless connection on device when connected to the desktop". But it didn't work. Yes, I've web service on the blackjack. The moment I disconnect the ActiveSync, the BJ II can connect to the net. Need more help on this.
  3. The option is available in the Activesync of the laptop computer, but not in the Activesync of the Blackjack II. And when connected, my laptop is still able to connect to the internet. But it's the Blackjack's internet connection is disconnected.
  4. The web site has it for two options: For free download and for a fee of $12.59. Does the free version expire after a period of time and then one would have to buy the software? Or does the paid version have more functions? Any ideas? thanks.
  5. Sorry if this is a naive question. I thought the Tweak Pack enabled COM6 for the GPS. So shouldn't the manual/COM6 option be selected instead of "managed by Windows"?
  6. What you said made sense, but I've looked for that option for a while, and couldn't find it.
  7. When I connect the Blackjack II to the laptop via ActiveSync, the internet on the BJ II stops working. Why is that?
  8. Hey Paul: My GPS was working using your previous fix when enabled on COM4. Once I downloaded this tweak pack, the GPS failed to work. The default Window managed port failed as well. Any ideas? thanks.
  9. Hi I went through your procedure and were able to delete AT&T's pre-set keys. However, whatever new keys I defined, it all showed 0, instead of the function text, next to the key letter. Also these keys I defined now become not editable. What went wrong? thanks.
  10. Paul, in many of your fixes/hacks, you mentioned editing the registries. How do you do that? In PCs regedit would work. But what to use to edit and how to get to there registry directories in Blackjack II? thanks.
  11. This may be very naive, but how to get to HKLM and the rest of the registry directories? and what to use to edit these registers? In PC, regedit would work, but what to use in Blackjack II? Thanks
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