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  1. Thanks. I just have a feeling there's something wrong with our micro sd card readers...
  2. ejtagle, a quick question if i may, do you happen to know the configure clock speed of the sdhci controller ?
  3. Just to be sure, first partition is FAT32, PRIMARY, the second is EXT4 PRIMARY (AND NOT LOGICAL) Right?
  4. @ejtagle, did you get to see my post @TR? http://www.tabletroms.com/forums/vega-rom-development/5294-%5Brom%5D-jellybean-advent-vega-pov-mobii-tegra-other-p10an01-clones-228.html#post72552
  5. Here's the deal... if you open the CWR zip file, you'll notice that those .APK are inside /data/app. Terminal emulator cannot be inside /system/app, that's for sure. So, they're not there. First thing, navigate to the given dir using a root explorer or even terminal emulator downloader from playstore. If the APKs are there, then you MIGHT have bad blocks which corrupted something. You can try running dmesg | grep and see what you get. If the APKs are not there... you have a bad flash. Bad sectors can be the cause here also...
  6. I'm having a strange ocurrence, tablet seems to die in deep sleep. It just won't turn on. I have to force turn off (hold power button) and then turn on. Anyone has any idea? Perhaps i'm having badblocks... UPD: I have bad blocks, in the /data partition (NAND). Somewhere between the 0 and the 32Mb. So, i have two choices, increase /system partition so that the badblock is on /system empty space,running the risk of more yet not found bad blocks, or find a way to mark all badblocks before the first boot. My idea was to create a jumbo CWR rom filled with garbage, to force the writing of the entire partition and then, format and flash the official one. So my question is, what's the size that the junk files should have to fill the entire block/sector/cluster ? What's the block size on Vega's nand ?
  7. No other choice right ? Wired headset? builtin mic/speakers? ?
  8. Yap, sending is imediate, but i've yet to receive a SMS. Still testing tough. The first message goes to /dev/null but after that they get there. I mean the first from a given number. Logcat -b radio showed the error, but i cannot replicate anymore, not enough cellphones :D BTW, GPS is working :)
  9. Scanno, was VegaBean 2.3 a private beta? Nevermind, i keep forgeting the vegabean thread @modaco is not up2date :)
  10. CWM does not need tampering. If it behaves exactly has on other devices, the second partition of the sdcard will be backed up and restored. CWM sees it as sdext, Android will see it as /data. Could compiled files be posted please? I would like to test ...
  11. 1. With so much space for system, why would you write to the SDcard / Data ? 2. CWM sees the second partition on the sdcard has a sd-ext, and backups it as such. On a restore, you get your /data restored.
  12. Some time ago we were talking about moving /data to the sdcard. Recently, this popped up, can it be coppied ? http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1843062
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