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  1. 1. look for it on xda developers, there is an image already extracetd. It's in the 'unbrick' thread 1.1. No, unless you did not configured your system for GPRS/UMTS data connection under system - connections 2. google xda and after reaching the forum do a search for i780 3. It means that instead of waiting for minutes for a cold start of GPS lock it will use GPRS to calculate your position with the same traingulation that google maps uses for the 'my location' feature. This means that the GPS lock normally takes few seconds instead of minutes and is pretty faster specially with a cold start.
  2. 1. PDA i780XIHA7 - TEL. i780XIHA7. If your sim is not recognized then you cannot download XTRA at point 2... 2. you need to solve the issue with the sim first 3. I removed RealVGA.. it gived me too much issue with many applications (S2U2, PqzII) and doesn't solve the issue of the size of the screen 4. not that I've already found... the only option is to check and ask on i780 specialized forums
  3. 1. I use a 3G euro sim without any issue. Even HSDPA works much better on this phone compared to my old SGH-I600 2. goto settings - system - gps advanced. Enable XTRA and download now XTRA data. Now open google maps and enable GPS. If it popup a message like "finding gps(0)" it means that it found the gps and is looking for satellites (the '(0) is actually the number of satellites found) 3. applications need to be compatible with 320x320 4. many users reported issue with specially spB apps on this device. ciao
  4. Try adding the followings registry keys: HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Airsync\Connection\Secure=0 and secure=0 under HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Activesync\Partners\[Choose the over air connection you will find all the connection defined in activesync here]\Secure = 0 let me know
  5. Had the same issue with a self signed certificate and solved with this trick: Take the certificate file exported (root certificate exported throught IE) and rename it exactly with the exchange server netbios name (I don't recal if I used a fully qualified name. Try both) and then reimport it in the windows mobile device (just open it with any file manager). I.E.: exchange server name: srv01 domain name: yourcompany.com take the certificate file and rename it in srv01.cer and import it take the certificate file and rename it in srv01.yourcompany.com.cer and import it let me know if it works :)
  6. Just installed the latest beta 8.65 for smartphone. Strangly the center pad instead of moving around the links available on the web page just pan around the entire page as a zoom function. am I missing something?
  7. Hello while trying to find a car charging holder (specially that doesn't need me to plug manually the connector of the charge) I had this idea: Basically I was thinking of using this kind of metal case: - opening a window on the right side of the case to let the blackjack slide in laterally - soldering the power connector of the car charger in the left side of the case - enlarging some plastic parts of the case to give it a better solidity Anyone have any skill of making plastic holder or can point me out to a tutorial? :)
  8. Had exactly the same problem in the same configuration. If you search or look in this forum you will still find my post about (pocket outlook contacts disappearing) I600 - Activesync - GL I can only tell for sure that the same config with a HTC Tytn never presented this problem. Did not investigate enough to determine if the problem is Windows mobile for PPC or Smartphone with Goodlink, a bug of GL for WM smartphone. That the contacts are deleted in the smartphone db as I left for 2 weeks activesync with contacts sync disabled and discovered that the contacts disapperead on the device while still presente in the exchange mailbox. I've been enough lucky to be able to switch to direct sync with the Exchange server without using GL anymore. In this condition, without changing FW level on the I600, the issue disapperead. Good luck and please if you ever manage to solve the issue post here the solution :)
  9. Thanks for sharing it! :) Unfortunately there's no way to add a MRU to the card wheel, this is the main reason why I don't use it :P
  10. If you end up in discovering where the issue rely do you mind posting it? I'm in the same situaion, I600 that since two weeks won't last more than a day. Haven't installed any new app....
  11. nothing to add :rolleyes: I'm coming for an HTC Tytn and I love my i600. So small and lightweight...
  12. Looking for alternative as well: I found this (CCR040SBEC/STD): http://www.samsung.com/za/products/mobilep...age=Accessories
  13. think it's justa a question of opinions so I don't want to discuss it... but you can't even set a wallpaper on it. wouldn't be usefull to have at least a MRU?
  14. look around for Qtek8500.Cingy.carousel.zip It contains all required but other users reported they were not able to make it work. The short way is to reflash the phone with the european samsung rom. It has the carousel embedded and working, altought I have to say... you aren't missing anything special, it is slow sometimes and it's not customizable.
  15. you can also check this one I600XXGC6_fix_phone_flashing_problem.rar Only for fix flashing problem, not for normal firmware upgrade. EDIT: Please do not link to rapidshare hosted ROM's
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