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  1. i'm using plumsip as well and have noticed this bug in most of 6.5 ROM i tried.
  2. it takes 2 try in order to scroll once within the sms.
  3. agreed on this.. please dont cook in FtouchL unless this problem has been fixed.. it makes it very hard to read sms in threaded mode.
  4. thanks a lot for the theme, liked the "no buttoned" version a lot. however is there any way to change the start menu icon to the original window one? it seems to have some problem where it changed back to the original one after each soft-reset.
  5. just tried the rom, it's very fast and stable. however is it possible to change the lockscreen back to the original one? i dont like that 3 boxes.
  6. can i know how you change the new Select theme in Start Menu? and how you can change it back to the original?
  7. is it possible to change the glass-alike start menu back to the original one?
  8. like your last rom Khuanchai, fastest up to date for me. however it seems like this build is not very stable yet. receiving sms in lockscreen crash my phone just now. anyone facing this problem?
  9. KC, use this to upload your rom next time. It will automatically be distributed to few other mirror on rapidshare/megaupload/zshare/badongo. :) http://www.massmirror.com/
  10. wow, looks like a gem over there.. waiting for M2D build :D
  11. I saw that some rom add a shortcut file within start menu which can make a soft reset or reboot. Can I know how to create/get the shortcut?
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