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  1. If the flashing program finds the Hudl then you should be fine. If not then yeah try re-installing the drivers. Blinky
  2. Hi all, Well it's here, however, you will have to take a trip over to FreakTab for the download. The reason for this is that Finless over there has hosted the ROM for me so it is only fair that we download it from his site. I hope you all have a lok at it and if you have any problems then please don't hesitate to ask. Here is the link to the page: http://www.freaktab.com/showthread.php?8619-Helios-ROM-v1-0-Tesco-Hudl&p=119351#post119351 Cheers all, Blinky
  3. At the moment it is mounted the same way as the original. I will be looking into how we can sort this but as we have the ability to flash from the external it is not as important as some other things. I have just spoken the Hal2710 and believe he is coming along well with the kernel and is looking into adding different options to the kernel. This will be a massive just forward for this tablet and will really help to unleash the full potential, looking forward to what he can come up with. Blinky.
  4. Sorry guys, I am in uni this morning but will get it sorted for you this afternoon, work load is a little high at the moment. I have got it running with full init.d support, busybox, custom recovery and the new KitKat launcher fully running. We also have a reboot app courtesy of Petrus over on FreakTab.com which is really a very handy app, allows not only normal rebooting but also a quick access to both the recovery and the bootloader for flashing updates or complete flashes. I also managed to remove ALL of the tesco crap and run a few scripts that will hopefully speed things up a little. Looking into how to integrate crossbreeder at the moment. We have some custom kernels coming that Hal is looking at, I have also had a look but this might be a little way off yet. Sorry for teasing you all, didn't mean too, will get it out to you all as soon as possible. Cheers Blinky
  5. I have a ROM coming out in the next few hours that is flashed with a different program. If you are still having problems then give it a try. I will post when it is finished uploading and let you know how to install it. Blinky
  6. Hi guys, I am wondering if someone could explain how you would apply say update v1.3 to the stock v1.2 image. How did you stop the update problems. I'm looking at the dev side of this not the user if that's possible please. Cheers Blinky
  7. Could someone please tell me if the rom on the first post is a completely stock un-rooted rom? I am trying to build a custom rom and I think I need to use a completely stock base. Cheers Blinky
  8. Will be nice to see, just a matter of waiting now. The hardware is more than capable.
  9. Well hopefully once I finish this assignment I'm doing I will start having a look into how to do it. Never built a ROM before but will have a go as it would be great to have a fully custom build, hopefully some might be able to figure out a custom kernel. Blinky
  10. Hi all, As the title suggests I'm after knowing how hard it would be to port/create a ROM like cyanogenmod to this tablet. How easy would it be for a beginner to learn to do this and is it something a beginner could do? If so does anyone know any good sites that will provide all the information to create a rom for this tablet? Cheers in advance, Blinky
  11. Hi guys, New to the forum but not to android, got hurl a few words ago and currently using tabbierom. Looking forward to seeing what people can do with the kernel source. The specs on the tablet are good enough to be able to have some nice custom ROMs running. More then willing to test new things and provide feedback, Looking forward to the near future, Blinky
  12. Downloading now mate, will try tonight, thank you very much for your information. Cheers Blinky
  13. Hi guys, Need some help if someone could please. I have a rooted H3G Desire with clockwork mod recovery and a custom rom installed. Now I need to revert back to stock to send it back to 3 to cancel my contract. How do I do this, I cant find any information regarding the 0.83 HBoot? The only info I have for the original rom is as follows: Radio HBoot 0.83.0001 Rom Stock 2.1 Update 1 I dont have a goldcard or the original nandroid backup as the sd card failed and I lost everything. How do I do this, need to unroot and return to factory standard asap so I can send it back. Cheers in advance for any info provided. Blinky
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