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  1. for me short battery life and long charging time is reason not to buy this phone. i would expect from a "mobile" device to be operational (with medium usage) for at least 48 hours without charging and if battery dies to be able to recharge it in 2-3h. In case of SGS2 it looks like battery lasts for a day (~18h) and then I have to charge it overnight. its kinda annoying that mobile device needs to be connected to the charger so often and for so long. personally I would prefer thicker and heavier phone with battery that's adequate to device power requirements (2500-3000mha)
  2. Hi, I am about to get SGS2 to replace my SanFran and have some questions that hopefully someone can answer... How long it takes to fully charge SGS2? Is there noticeable time difference between charging from PC->USB and AC->USB? My last question is really directed to users who had SanFran before and can compare battery life of both mobiles. Thanks!
  3. fonix232 is navigation in the menu smooth and quick? if yes can you tell us what ROM you are using (HW accel off/on)? lpinho currently on Paul's Froyo alpha3. No problems with installation, download of the maps or actual navigation itself, the only problem is slow and jerky menu. I have tested CoPilot but its not as smooth or good looking as Aura.
  4. I'm looking for sat nav for my SF. Last night I have installed Sygic Aura and it works and looks great except for the menu responsiveness that somebody else mentioned before. The actual navigation window is super smooth and responsive. Currently I'm using Paul's Froyo alpha3 and wondering if hardware acceleration has anything to do with it (dont know if its on in pre-compiled version). If somebody has got it working smoothly on his device could you please share rom version and possibly .ini files from sygic folder that would be great. PS. Orange San Francisco is on compatibility list on Sygic website :)
  5. Settings > Sound & Display > Ringer Volume and set it to full if its not, also you might want to try use different ringtone (some of them are very quiet)
  6. Fully charged 5.5h since it was plugged :) WiFi/Off, BT/Off, 3G/On, GPS/Off Can anyone recommend power management software that will turn WiFi/3G on when phone in use and turn it off when sleep button is pressed...
  7. should have mentioned that two previous charges were done using Mains to USB power adapters (bundled and my old iphone one) still the same. My old iphone3G took under 2h fully charged regardless of power source. Extensive charging times are real problem for me... EDIT: Could you please post your charging time, power source and ROM?
  8. As we all know battery life is not great with our SF but what is more annoying for me is charging time. My battery completley died about 9.30 this morning so i plugged it into USB port of my workstation. Within first 1.5h battery level was 47% but last hour it had only gone up by 10% :/ My previous chargin times were really high as well close to 6h and it looks like this one is going to be the same. I would expect device like this to be fully charged in less than two hours... At the moment I'm running Paul's custom ROM r2. Could you please post your charging time/battery life together with ROM you are using... Thanks
  9. Last night before going to bed I used kill all from task manager to save battery (I also have Automatic Task Killer installed) and this morning almost got late for work because my alarm didn't go off! Is there alarm clock app that cannot be killed by task manager or any other software so I can always be certain that alarm will go off at specified time. Thanks
  10. my settings copied from iphone (SIM - iphone contract) APN: idata.o2.co.uk Username: vertigo Password: password
  11. r4 - when? is it possible to improve battery life and assign Menu button to waking the phone up with next ROM release? @Paul - thanks for all your hard work
  12. boor battery life here as well :/ fully charged it can be drained in one day (10-15min phone calls, 10-15 texts, 0.5h of wifi web browsing, 1h of general messing with the phone as I had it for only 4 days) but what's most annoying is the time it takes to charge it up again, so far I had to charge my phone 3 times and it took form 4 to 6h!!! I am really disappointed with battery life and time it takes to charge it, I was hoping to get away form daily charge switching form my iphone3g but the advantage of iphone was that it only took 1.5h to get it fully charged. I am using r2 custom ROM and I really hope this can be fixed with next ROM release...
  13. Hi all, Swapped my 3g to SF 3 days ago and really happy with this little device (always wanted decent android phone) one thing I miss is magnifying glass whilst editing text. If there is a way to add it to android could someone point me in right direction. Alternatively is there a keyboard with arrows allowing to move cursor left or right? Thanks
  14. does it work with CoPilot or any other Navigation software? i've just tried CoPilot 7 but it doesn't recognize TCM device...
  15. any news on project progress? I'm checking changelog every day but it hasn't been updated for more than a week now... I hope project is not dying... my omnia is still in Samsung Service Centre but as soon as I get it back I will be testing android on it...
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