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  1. I don't have mobile sense. If I'd get the icons, any idea where they would even go? Thats my problem, I'm not sure if the icons are just missing or if some registry value is maybe pointing to the wrong place.
  2. Has anyone had any problems with their weather icons in their weather widget not displaying? I've got the updated 6.5 ROM, SPB Mobile shell, and I'm using the imarche spb mobile shell skins. See here how it only displays the temperature, but no icon: And when I switch the styles, they all list the temp, but show no icon. Does anyone know where the icons would be or any registry values I can look at or something? Anything to help me out? Thanks if you can tell me anything.
  3. Mine is from cnn.cn and it is perfect. Exact color and perfect fit to my phone. I'd guess its hung up on something under there.
  4. I'm convinced all the registry hacks don't do that much. If its that bad order a new digitizer and put it on. I tried every tweak possible and finally decided to just replace the thing. I just did it today and it is nearly iPhone sensitive now. I can't believe the difference. They just must lose sensitivity over time. I bought this(http://cnn.cn/shop/samsung-i910-omnia-digitizer-verizon-p-8463.html) and in under 30 minutes I had an amazingly sensitive screen again.
  5. All I can say is wow. I've been somewhat skeptical and thought maybe I wou'dn't see much improvement by replacing my digitizer. I was totally wrong. I went from HAVING to use my nail for everything to now just a light brush of my finger! I'm so pumped, it went so smooth I couldn't be happier! I've got the i910 bought in Feb 2009 and though it would have the best digitizer. Now I'm wondering if it had an old crappy one or if they just lose that much sensitivity over time. Its hard to remember what it was like when I first bought the thing. If you have any doubts in your touch screen, definitely replace it. Got mine here: http://cnn.cn/shop/samsung-i910-omnia-digi...amp;language=en Didn't come with any of the fancy tools, but they're not really necessary. I used a set of eyeglass screwdrivers and a guitar pick(I've found over years of ripping apart electronics that a guitar pick is one of the best tools around for safely separating pieces) Start with page 37 of http://andromnia.net/pub/docs/SGH_i900_service_manual.pdf And watch this: And you're good to go! iPhone what???
  6. I ordered the one from cnn.cn. I figured for $16 shipped it was definitely worth the shot.
  7. I've finally got enough scratches and am tired of using my nail on my phone that I'm going to try swapping out my digitizer. I've got two of the cheapest supposed OEM versions I could find...anyone have any comments about these: http://cgi.ebay.com/TOUCH-DIGITIZER-SCREEN...#ht_1584wt_1166 http://cnn.cn/shop/samsung-i910-omnia-digi...amp;language=en I'm having a hard time believing how much better the response can be. Why would it be so bad? I've done all the registry hacks(which I mostly chalk up to placebo effect). I have an i910 just bought last February. I'd think if any would be lacking touch it would be the old i900 and mine would have the best type of screen but I can't use my finger at all unless I really smash it down. Getting rid of the scratches will be worth it though even if the response stays the same.
  8. I tried un-checking the first alarm and set the second one to see if maybe this was some sort of software bug and it would fix. Still had the same thing happen this morning. Plugged in the alarm either plays the default reminder chime, or just vibrates once. When it is on battery power it works fine. I'm wondering if it has anything to do with s2u2 somehow. I don't know of any power options that would affect the alarm in windows. I've been meaning to update from 2.24. I think 2.30 is out now. I'm going to try that and will post just in case anyone else has the problem.
  9. I recently flashed with Storms Rom. I'm running SPB Mobile shell 3 and S2U2. I've been using an mp3 as my alarm using the default winMo alarm feature, set to "repeat and vibrate". It was working fine, but recently has started just playing the default "reminder" chime when my alarm is supposed to go off. If I go into the Alarms, my mp3 is selected and when I hit play it works fine. Also strangely, if I go in and set the alarm for like 2 minutes from right now, it will play the mp3 fine. The only difference is that in the morning it has been plugged in all night. What gives? Any power options? I used to use the Ageye Alarm but when I flashed with Storms Rom I just started using the default. I'd rather not install another program to rely on when there is one built into the OS, but maybe I need to. Any ideas?
  10. Rob(and everyone else), Thanks for the responses. I've been thinking your rom came with SPB Mobile but I added it after installing your rom. From SPB Mobile the volume down button is linked to a custom volume screen, and I can't even seem to override it with AEButton Plus. I didn't try, but I'm sure if I'd exit out to the home screen I could hold volume and have it work. I installed Torchlight and created an icon on my SPB Mobile 3 home screen and it works great. Thanks again.
  11. I've had this rom installed for a while now and really love it. The only thing I can't seem to find is the flashlight feature...does that still exist? On the home screen you used to be able to hold the down volume button and it would turn on the LED light as a flashlight. Then with the CF03 update they added a button in the easy settings or whatever it was called. I can't find a way to get it turned on...any suggestions? Seems stupid but after I started using it I've had a lot of use for it. Thanks.
  12. You can definitely do that with AEButton Plus. Mine is set up to do that. You've got to manually add the "Hold End" button as a new button in AEButton though. Do this: 1) Install AEButton Plus 2) Run AEButton from programs 3) Hit "File">>"Add Button" 4) The Add Key screen will come up. HOLD the end key. The Key code will fill in #0085. 5) Change the settings of this button press to be: 3. Handle by AEBPlus 1. Single Press (this is the weird selection. You'd think you'd want long press, but #0085 IS a long press so you're really saying you want a "Single Press" of the "Long press" of the End Key. Trust me, it works. 2. Run Application - select S2U2 Save this setting and you're good to go.
  13. I've got a pc set up as a media center/server at home. I've now got it set up to go into standby and can Wake on Lan. I access it with VNC, as a web server, blah blah blah whatever. It works great and I've got a nice little app on my other computers to wake it up. They support sending in from the internet not just on our local lan so I can wake it if I've got my laptop somewhere out of the house. Anyone know a good mobile app that does the same thing? This is the closest to what I want: http://handheld.softpedia.com/get/System-U...-Lan-8724.shtml But only allows you to put in an IP address and doesn't accept domains. I've got domain name I want to point it to. Since the IP is dynamic (very rarely, but if the modem gets reset it will change my IP) it could change and I want to point to the domain. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  14. Thanks for putting this together! Great Job! I used your ROM for my first flash (other than the official Samsung update) and it worked perfectly. I'm really happy with it. One problem I had was with the themes. For some reason mine changed to a purple/blue kinda color and was nothing like the rest of my SPB and wallpapers. I saw a ways back that you put up a CAB to install the original theme but it didn't work. Also saw you were going to make a .tsk file but I didn't see it anywhere in this thread. Did I miss it? If you haven't made one, can you please put out the tsk for the theme. Thanks again. Keep up the great work!
  15. Did you ever resolve this problem? I have the exact same setup (spb mobile shell, fingerkeyboard, and s2u2, plus a bunch of others). As strange as it seems, the suggestion "Settings --> System--> Power--> Calling tab at bottom. Uncheck the 'Turn off LCD after x seconds' Hope this helps" is exactly right. I had the same problem a while back and my phone just crapped out this morning and I had to hard reset and use a backup from a few months ago. I started seeing this problem again and forgot how I had fixed it(which is why I'm back here haha). There is a conflict when you tell s2u2 to shut off the screen on talk. Go under your S2U2 settings->Power. If "Blank Screen on Talk" is set to ON, then make sure you disable the windows "Turn off LCD" checkbox and the problem goes away.
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