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  1. 2.1? Pah...2.2's where it's at now :) I know I'm evangelising a bit about this ROM but it really is every day usable and worth checking out....it has no SenseUI though so bear that in mind...personally, I prefer the vanilla look as it's a little less cluttered, less bling and more xen!?!? Whatever it is, I like it cos it looks cleaner and more subtle and less cluttered. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=724637 Just to reiterate, I am nothing to do with the development of this ROM, I just really like it - I use on my main phone and have had no trouble with it. Cheers, Smiffy,
  2. Just to add a reply for any late arrivals... This is highly recommended as an every-day-ROM - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=724637 Works for me without any issues...give it a shot :) Cheers, Smiffy.
  3. I can highly recommend this 2.2 froyo ROM - it's been perfectly stable for me and I've experienced no issues with any aspect of it. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=724637 It's a vanilla build though so you lose sense but I prefer the vanilla look anyway and there's hundreds of replacements for the sense widgets if you use them... I recommend using LauncherPro on it as well. ADW that's on it already is fine but I like the extra options with LP. For me, this is the best vanilla ROM i've tried and i've tried them all :) Cheers, Smiffy.
  4. So just to clarify, have you already installed the custom bootloader...? If so, I sometimes have problems getting into the bootloader from a reboot so just power off your phone then hold down the home when you power it up and keep it held down until you get in the bootloader...should be there then :) Cheers, Smiffy.
  5. Lordsmiff


    Without using Titanium or some other backup tool, the only way I can think of is taking screenshots and putting it back manually. Cheers, Smiffy.
  6. Lordsmiff

    PC Sync w r5

    HTC Sync option doesn't control the USB Mass Storage option. Having said that, my wife had the same problem on her hero and a reboot resolved it. HTH, Smiffy.
  7. Lordsmiff

    OT: usb plug

    Um...they already do work with standard mini-USB cables (not micro) - I use different cables all the time. Give it a try. Smiffy.
  8. Lordsmiff

    sdcard issues

    My suggestion would be power off your phone, take the SD card out and give the contacts on it wipe or two with your fingers. Then blow into the sd card slot and make sure nothing is in there. Boot back up and give it a try - let us know :lol: Smiffy.
  9. I had a problem with the VM notification - I had to put my sim in a Nokia and clear it from there before it would stop coming up on my hero. Maybe this would solve the SMS problem as well... HTH, Smiffy.
  10. I'm nothing to do with the company but I recommend the company stickied at the top of the hero forums...I tried someone off ebay first and got nothing usable but they sorted me out no probs :lol: Cheers, Smiffy.
  11. I'm not 100% sure but I don't think Vodafone do a branded Hero - you're most likely to have an unbranded HTC Hero (in white?) (my wife has a hero on Vodafone). I would think you could use the files off HTC's website to do the update... Cheers, Smiffy.
  12. Hey Paul! What's the Market speedup XML? Every 2.1 ROM I've tried has had a problem with the market being really slow until I've installed about 20+ apps, then all of a sudden, it starts working normally. It seems to halt at the permissions screen for ages before showing them to me and offering the last Install button... Is this what the XML file fixes...? If so, I can't believe this is the first mention I've seen of it - I've searched here and XDA-Devs - perhaps my keyword searching skills aren't as good as they once were... :lol: Smiffy.
  13. That's included in the HTC RUU - it will put everything back to stock... Smiffy.
  14. Even with the integration, you can stop it from replacing the photo for a contact with the facebook one - just remove the link and re-add it and it should ask you (there may be another way but I'm just trying radug's vanillaeclair 4 right now so can't test it). HTH, Smiffy.
  15. Once you have zoomed out and you can see all 7 screens, just hold on one and you can re-order them making a diffrerent screen the default etc...that's the click\drag feature... Smiffy.
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