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  1. You really changed our omnias in to something we really enjoy using. Thank you!
  2. Anybody experiencing problems opening the latest LITE zip?? Cant open it in any way after downloading B) Says damaged or unknown file format :)
  3. Hello Paul, could you tell me then in your own opinion between the Hero and the Liquid which one has better battery life? As I am struggling to choose android based phone on account of the reported low battery life on all devices running this OS!
  4. Sector, it was an honor for me to use your roms and as I know that you will be probably cooking roms for the HD2 I am almost persueded to buy me one! We'll see. Best of luck and keep up the marvelous example you are for all of us! Respect :)
  5. Yes there is someone who can help you, ... You that is! By learning how to use the search engine and stop asking questions that have been discussed and answered sooooo many times before! You'll appreciate it more when you find out the answer by your self :D
  6. Try to reinstall the samsung modem drivers and plug your data cable in a different usb port! Seems to work for me once long time ago. I dont think tha the rom beeing together cooked with phone part has to do anything with your problem! How do you start flashing if the program cant find you pda ??!! :) One of sectors earlier roms was cooked with the phone part so you can use this rom (forget which one was it exactly of all the roms on the first page). Or you can find a phone part, probably DXID1, and put it in any cooked rom! Its not difficult I used to do it but forget how, it was months ago. A guy here posted instructions, use the search forum option :( Good luck! PS:You can do the joining and splitting of the rom and phone parts with this program i900_EXEcutor_1.6.rar
  7. I know I allready asked this before but can somebody please share a link to an uploaded UltraLite differend than rapid or megaupload? Thank You
  8. I did some time ago but my phone kept freezing from it :) and I had to remove it! Could be the rom thou, will try it again. Thanks man :(
  9. Man as far as I know there is no solution to remove the scroll bar from the samsung dialer pad! People here are friendly and if there is a solution somebody will tell it to you or at least let you know that there is a solution but you have to search for it! None of that has happened so far does it?? Read between the lines as most of us do!
  10. Wow, do you think that by shouting and repeating your question you will get peoples attention for anything else than looking at you as just the next inpatient user with no sence for logical thinking ?? Maybe you cant find it anywhere couse there is no solution! There you got your answer :)
  11. Press and hold on the music file you want to use as ringtone and from the menu that just popped up select "set as Ringtone". Works by me! The music file is then copied to My Device\My Ringtones and automatically selected as ringtone!
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