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  1. Hi, I am using tarils rom DXIA5 and want to go back to an official Samsung ROM how do i go about doin this? Cheers Ricey
  2. ricey

    change language?

    hi everyone, its been a while i know but i am stuck, im currently running tarils rom DXIA5 and need to change the language to polish? is there any way of doing that? Many thanks guys Ricey
  3. Hi everyone, having a bit of a problem my call display aint working whenever anyone rings me with the spb mobile shell 3. any ideas? ricey
  4. sorry mistype meant IGO 8
  5. well two days i was putting igo 9 on my omnia, and was pretty skeptical about wether i need it or not. Really glad i did wouldn't of been able to find my way home otherwise lol. Thank god for modern technology lol Ricey
  6. ricey

    What to do?

    I think the DXIA5 firmware is only available for the singapore or phillipines (correct me if im wrong) To use it you need to change the config of the phone. Do a search for "incorrect software version" and take it from there. Ricey
  7. can anyone supply a link and install instructions for the M2D then plz. Might aswell give it a try. cheers guys Ricey
  8. what are the advantages of m2d then?
  9. hi everyone, well i finally got the balls to flash my firmware. Im currently running tarils DXIA5. Just wondering what are the differences between spb mobile shell and M2D? As they both seem to do the same type of thing. Cheers Ricey
  10. hi vennerr93 Great guide was just wondering if there has been any fix for the phone and ! symbol yet? and also can i use this method to update to the official DXIA5? many thanks for any advice you can offer ricey
  11. ricey

    Where to start

    no the only thing i am running is spb mobile shell (which is awesome be the way) and it still doesnt work when i turn that off
  12. ricey

    FingerKeyboard 2

    sorry to sound like a noob but how do i do that?
  13. Right ok guys ive been playing with my omnia and just downloaded total commander. was just wondering im currently on rom vers. ACHJ2 and cant install DXIA5. if i adjust the current version value in the registry will this allow me to update to DXIA5? if this is possible what value do i need to change it to? Cheers
  14. ricey

    FingerKeyboard 2

    hi when i try to do mod no. 4 when i reset i only get the letters Q W any ideas?
  15. ricey

    Where to start

    ive looked through that thread and cant change the config of my phone is there any roms that i can update to without changing?

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