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  1. But another attempt to install brought the camera back.
  2. Same problem here. Installing Mobile 6.1 has broken the camera. Camera screen does nothing - no buttons can be used. Unable to initialize camera. Failed to set up the camera device.
  3. This soft finally turned my AZERTY keyboard into an AZERTY keyboard, thanks! It works in Word and other text applications, but when I just want to find a contact and press the top left letter A it looks for contacts with the letter Q (so it still uses the qwerty keyboard). Other keys give... Q => A (although the blue search bar says it is a #) W => Z (although the blue search bar says it is a *) Z => W (although the blue search bar says it is a 1) Nothing I can't live with but it would be nice to see azerty show up when looking for contacts (however when I am actually inside the contacts menu and wants to edit or add a person it is again azerty)... (French Azerty HTC S620 with Mobile 6.1)
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