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  1. have the same problem !! i have to click it many times in order to select it .. and sometimes it just doesnt work !!
  2. Guys anyone can confirm this bug : when recording from the radio .... the record is in slow motion .. anyone else facing this bug ?..
  3. Ryrzy bro !! I'm in love with you lol .. this is the best ROM i have ever used !!!! the graphics are awesome .. stable .. amazingly fast ... there is just nothing wrong with it !!!! really thanks bro :) great ROM !! and the new dealer and programs (Omnia i8000 ? not sure..) are just coool the scroll is definitely improved .. even better than the default winmo 6.5 scroll :( cool coool thanks dude .. really thanks ;)
  4. Hey guys, is the reply bug still in this ROM ? do i have to click the keyboard in order to reply?? thanks
  5. flash lite 3.X is the latest .. i'm not sure if its 3.1 or 3.5 ...
  6. is the fixed version up yet? Cuz i can't find it ... Edit1: nvm .. i saw your reply was at 7:54 .. and "my time" is 10:03... so i thought it should be up by now... but didn't notice the timezone..
  7. thanks for your reply, but nop.. it didnt solve it .. still the same issue
  8. hey Nicklashidegard I really like your ROM, its fast and stable.. i'm using the evil 23064 m2d one .... but there is one issue i'm missing from khuhanchi's ROM .... the start menu ... the scroll in your rom is page by page... i can't scroll with one flip the whole start menu .. if you know what i mean .. it always stops .. like scrolling pages.... is there anyway to make it scroll the whole start menu with one flip ? it won't stop on every new icon ? .. like khuhanchi's ROM ? and another thing .. the start menu .. in landscape only shows 3 columns of icons .. it should show more ... thanks in advance :)
  9. lol same here .. i still have 2 years and a half till my contract ends .. hehe so HTC HD5 might be out :) this time .. without doubts... no more samsung .. only HTC
  10. hhhhhhhhhh its coooooool can't stop playing :) though .. i don't know if its possible for winmo ... but .. did you try to playing it using skyfire ?
  11. +1 also.. the default winmo dealer menu is affected and isn't english... (not the whole menu..)
  12. http://www.adobe.com/aboutadobe/pressroom/...icesandPCs.html Soon we'll have a full flash player just like the PC :)
  13. Happy Birthday dude :P wish you all the best.. enjoy your day :)
  14. hehe here it is http://rapidshare.com/files/283056145/Defa...CKUP.m2dct.html
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