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  1. Well, I thought I would chime in here. After waiting 2 weeks for shipment by expansys to me in US, I am pretty satisfied with this device. I had 3 things I really wanted to improve in switching from my Hermes: 1. battery life 2. size and 3. dialing. Battery life is good, not great, but good. It definitely lasts all day and sometimes 2 days for me. That is a huge improvement over the hermes. Size is obviously very different. I can carry the phone in my pocket instead of a holster now.b Dialing the phone is so much easier on a real dialpad than the touchscreen, I am very happy with it. I know there are things I lose, most importantly the qwerty, and also 3G, but I still have the Hermes as a backup in case I need it. I think I will carry the benq daily until the S740 is available, hopefully with US 3G.
  2. I am currently carrying a Benq E72, and have my Cingular branded Hermes in my desk drawer. I really like a phone with a standard dial pad on the front. The benq also has the battery life of a phone, 2-3 days, instead of a pocket pc like my Hermes, 4-8 hours. The small form factor is another big plus. But I miss the qwerty. Next device will be S740 I think. It seems like it will be just right for me, if only they would put US 3G in it.
  3. Well I'm going to ask now, even though I just ordered the phone, what is battery life like? I carry a hermes everyday and wanted a more "phone-first" device that has better battery life and smaller form factor. I have been waiting for the touch pro, and now the s740 to be available in the US. I bought this as an interim phone for not at work time and a backup for what I hope is a US 3G s740 coming soon.
  4. I disagree. There is definitely a market for WMS devices with full QWERTY. I have been waiting, hoping that HTC would produce a device with a standard dialpad on the face and a slideout QWERTY. I much prefer dialing the phone with a real keypad rather than the touchscreen. The touchscreens look nice, but I don't need it. I was planning on waiting for the new pantech duo to come out and comparing that to the touch pro, but now I can choose this device which is exactly the form I was hoping for. Now I just need to wait for a US version...
  5. I tried a half dozen different ROMs with mixed results. I have been using Shapps 3.57a for a month now and my 8525 is performing far better than ever before. I haven't had to reset a single time other than loading apps. Battery life is easily twice as good as the other ROMs I used. Everything works and the system reacts quickly. I expect to leave this ROM on the 8525 until it dies.
  6. Mine used to run hot as well, until I was forced to hard reset a couple weeks ago. After that, it runs cool AND the battery now holds a charge for more than 2 hours. It actually operates like a cellphone now. It will hold a charge all day, even while receiving emails from our exchange server. It is like having a new phone. :o
  7. 5 days on a mpx200???? I am lucky to get 5 hours, and that is only if I turn off mobile activesych :x . Once the first email gets pushed to my phone from the exchange server, the battery goes out in 2 hours. My 2 year contract is up in a few months, so I am starting my research now on a smartphone that will hold a charge for more than 12 hours. barnyr
  8. Thanks so much. I upgraded to 2003 and it works great! I could not get caller ID on the face of my phone while running 2002, but now if finally works. I assumed the problem was that the phone could not sort my 4000 contacts fast enough. Thanks again. Barny R
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