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  1. no other b7610 users have working wifi... could you explain how you got yours working?
  2. syncmypix at https://market.android.com/details?id=com.n...e=search_result works a treat
  3. congratulations hoping the new update can fix this issue. haven't actually been able to try and see if other stuff like camera works yet
  4. eventually got froyo installed and working, but get error 'system process is not responding' and choose wait or force close. choosing wait works, but when i restart after your update has been applied, the phone cannot connect to a network and does not really work sadly
  5. wow quick! i will be trying this when i get home tonight, and report back thank you ErnstJanF
  6. much appreciated! hope it works avoided using froyo yet as eclair with b7610 updates is so stable and perfect for everyday use. sounds like froyo has problems with market downloads which is kinda essential
  7. not a bug, you just need to disconnect the data connection before changing to 2g only, could be done by going into airplane mode
  8. fresh install with new rev 40 today and found one problem: music does not play through headphones jack when connected, it only comes out the phone speaker, as if the headphones are not plugged in. never had this problem with previous rev 29 or others as i use music a lot. anybody got this?
  9. tap the top half of the screen where the radio frequency numbers are and a volume bar should come up for adjusting, i believe this is the fix
  10. yeh i'm slightly confused too... did fresh install, 3d drivers done, then got keyboard and vibration working, but new updates installed brings back old keylayout, vibration still works though which zimage should we use? the new one for sleep problems? or one for keyboard? is it possible to combine the 2?
  11. brilliant! thanks!! just about to try it... from reading the source thread it appears we are to put the files in the 'windows' folder? altho when i'm not sure like this i just end up putting a copy in every folder!
  12. is on the omnia2droid project site http://code.google.com/p/omnia2droid/wiki/...tional_dualboot
  13. i found this guide to be perfect for that: http://forum.xda-developers.com/wiki/index...rd_partitioning
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