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  1. how can i compile the *.img files from the *.zip clockwork rom installers ? Thanks !
  2. Can any TPT ROM developers give me some hint on this ? Thanks ;)
  3. My phone is a Orange OLED one. Stock Orange -> (Clockwork installed) -> MoDaCo R4 2.1 and after 2 months I decided to flash to Jellyfish 2.2 RLS6, that's when I failed to boot to my ClockWorkMod In the meantime, I tried CWM, CWM, RA 2.0 but all without success Then I flashed to Jellyfish 2.2 with TPT. And now I am on your Hungarian with ClockWorkMod
  4. I am just wondering, how can I build my own version of TPT to revert the phone back to factory settings ? That's would be helpful.
  5. I have tried on 2 different SD cards. And for the fact that the clockworkmod actually worked before, I don't think its anything wrong with corruption. I md5sum-ed the files as well and the sum is right.
  6. i think i may have to consider it before returning ... its a OLED one and i really like the contrast ...
  7. it still bootloops no matter how long i press it ...
  8. Uploaded attachment is the video of my SF trying to boot the recovery partition. 110115_180531.mp4
  9. Dear kallt_kaffe, Firstly thanks a lot for your great rom, work appreciated ! Ok i should get to the point, for some reason I cannot install ClockWorkMod and get it up running, is there any chance I can compile a TPT version with the hardware acceleration installed ? Also, can I compile a TPT with other rom's Zip files ? (out of curiosity) Best and Thanks, Kavern
  10. just tried ... still no luck ... thanks a lot by the way ;)
  11. will give it a shot later ... but I don't feel hopeful at all ... the fact is that I had a workable clockworkmod but it just suddenly became dead and not working (resulting a bootloop) and no matter how many times i tried to flash that partition, it still gives me the bootloop ...
  12. tried this before .... doesn't work at all ... the problem is still existing after TPT or even the Clockworkmod TPT Rom I just cant boot into clockworkmod or the RA recovery, it comes with a bootloop. i don't think the partition is corrupted or any bad sector.
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