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  1. I've had the same problem ... sure it's hardware, the phone just fails to detect that you have removed the headset http://www.portability.nl/windows-mobile-family/guides/fix-it-smartphone-stuck-in-headset-or-car-profile.html read that one ... says exactly the same thing about trying the different angles
  2. Where is it going wrong for you ? I have updated the original post with a new link. The document moved to another location ......
  3. This is a very complicated process, so my friend Sicko decided to write a guide The 100% step by step guide to fix this is posted on my site (do not copy here please) How-to: Flash Orange SPV e650 with RUU_Vox_HTC_WWE_1.34.405.1_4.1.13.54_03.10.90_Ship.exe HTC S710 firmware special thanks to the people here at the forum for providing some of the files,.. some other files came from xda developers ...
  4. Yes, there are several elderscrolls episodes for mobile phones ... check out the elder scrolls homepage for more info ps: Elderscrolls Oblivion has just been released, and it shows advertisement for Oblivion for mobile phones, sponsored by Orange ...
  5. yes I have the same issues ... 8mb free but when I try to launch a game i get memory low errors any ideas ?
  6. That won't work. Quite some things were changed like the maximum number of items (monsters and other stuff) in view and how it would drop items from view if there were too many.... lots of code changes anyway. And afaik the doom port we have was only slightly compatible with other WAD files, so even extra levels are a matter of testing before you can be sure.
  7. It's not so much the complexity of the app but the originality of the idea that counts in this case. If you have an idea like that you could make some money too :D
  8. NES emulator ? Atari emulator ?? The NES emulator is of course more impressive then the atari 2600 :lol: (You can find it all on my webpage)
  9. axe

    sp 3i

    I suggest checking in some Thai forums
  10. Ja ik dacht dus ook dat het over de website ging of over de orange world portal .. die vind ik echt zuigen ... ze hebbe coole telefoons, bied er dan ook wat leuks voor aan... (dan maken mensen ook een beetje traffic!!!)
  11. Hmm .. als het goed is HOEf je de c500 helemaal niet te unlocken .. hij geeft wel een waarschuwing bij het runnen van 'unsigned' software maar je kan gewoon OK kiezen en het spel dan starten... Wat gebeurt er precies als je bejeweled start ?
  12. Ahh just wanna say , this port ROXXXXXX it's the best ported game ever ! I show it to all my friends to show what my E200 can do :lol: Of course ... they all know this classic so they're blown away !!! thanks again Roozbeh for all the effort you have put in..
  13. LEGACY !!!! and ALL the addons for it !! It's an excellent 'clone' of dungeon master / eye of the beholder type RPGs. The first part is like 20$ but the addons are only 5$ each ... it's WELL worth it I tell you !!!!... I'm having an awesome time playing this whenever I have a minute or 2 to spare . It autosaves on exit too, so it;s perfect for those 'waiting for the bus' or 'making a brown sweater' moments ...
  14. ahh I was also having crashes ... lemme try it now
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