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  1. Playin' around with build.prop and modifying the line "debug.composition.type=mdp" with "debug.composition.type=gpu" did the preview in camera mode ... Anyway, the system is very much slow with gpu enabled !Why ???
  2. Thanks for the a27 release Tested many hours... made some changes... 2G/3G worked for me. NO AUDIO !!! added usb mount with dualmountSD app added new google music added wpa_supplicant_adhoc_fix_v0.6.10ah_update.zip tried many fixes for camera but nothing good (ics_camera_fix_from_rapmv78.zip) tried many fixes for audio same results... NO AUDIO !!! Think port still better than cm9 sources, as there's lot of N1/Desire roms fully functionning. Ready for more beta tests !
  3. Could you update the first post WIP since you've did a new port ? What's functionning ? What's not ? Anyway thanks to the team for pushing Liquid's hardware limits !
  4. The one from first post. just did the mod for touchscreen. Now works without circle.
  5. Hi all. Made the modification with renaming the msm file (from system\usr\icd)into auo-touch.idc. Works great ! Liquid ICS coming soon !
  6. I experiencing no gps with Google navigation nor 3rd party program. Anyone else ?
  7. For me, this music bug appears when I pushed the camera button, due to "next song camera" hack, but don't sure... Someone else ?
  8. Just downloaded Multiling keyboard (free in android market) including italian. Works great ! Gingerbread style + themes avalaible
  9. I just tested angry birds on sd, works fine. How i did : (No EXT2 Partition) : -Spare parts - App2SD --> External - installed app - Tested, works fine on SD Maybe this could help
  10. Tested without EXT2 partition, works fine. Phone shutdown doesnt work. Quickboot do the job !
  11. @Roggin & Koudelka: Could you provide us a new rom including all these patches : - cm 7 v0.3 (base) - app2sd & data2sd - fastdormancy patch - bcm patch (better than going to recovery to flash everytime, and better support). Many thanks for all you did and go ahead !!!
  12. For me, Angrybirds 1.3.5 works well. just move it to phone, not on sd. Is that a problem from App2sd ? But Quadrant Standard show no 3d tests...
  13. Here's mine... Hand made from "Dessine-moi un objet.com" template_iphonepaper.pdf Paperdock for Iphone, but fits perfectly for ou Acer liquid phone. Need some adjust if you want plug usb cable. I did mine with strong paper, "carton", also plastic. Show me your try...
  14. Hi all, To disable Haptic Feedback (Touch buttons) I've tested and works fine : Root explorer or adb method sys\module\avr\parameters\ change 1 to 0. save changes.
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