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  1. How can I root my Galaxy SII? I9100BUKJ3 2.3.5 I9100VDIKI3 Ireland (Vodafone)
  2. cga

    What's up Rebels, you don't get tired of jumping around :)

  3. The best thing would be to get a different rom to see if the problem persists. I'm sure it is your rom
  4. I know it is not your fault about the Ok button Just wonder Can you not just remove it if it doesn't work? Main menu/others/ok Thanks
  5. V3a Samsung WidgetPlus Edition is excellent as well, get a peep Thanks yonn1981, very much appreciated
  6. Very nice rom V3c : Extra Lite (Bone) very simple and fast excellent Keep it up
  7. Hi JMS I can't by pass calibration screen, it seems that my phone doesn't want to tage 6.1 roms only 6.5 Any idea how can I pass this screen?
  8. The rom in this thread doesn't work. I can't by pass the align screen
  9. OCK How can get this fixed. Tapping on the weather icon I got the error Thanks
  10. Touchresponse is working now, great stuff !!!!!!!! I like the three little buttons to change from one screen to next one The first screen to enter pin numbers, the numbers are in black, hardly can see them How can we get them in white so that they are visible Other screen OK doesn't work Thanks Good rom
  11. Keep it original but you could try the Iphone buttons in the same layout as the Iphone. All application buttons across the screen, that would be really nice and easy to use :lol:
  12. Hi yonn1981 Have you found any fix for touchresponse? Or any new rom with touchre4sponse working? Thanks
  13. Hi, I have tried touchback that is like touch response http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=478407 To work> personal>vibration>disable vibration for touch screen install touchback touchback config> notification port 9 and set vibration lenght>start>save and exit and it doesn't work in your rom either
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