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  1. I have an orange San francisco TFT, upgraded to 2.2 Jellyfish rom. I turned Bluetooth on both devices, my headset on discover and the phone reported it was connected for calls. I cannot find how to play music via the Bluetooth earpiece although calls transfer to it automatically. I don't see any additinal options in the menus for streaming music via bluetooth. I know the headset works as I had it connected to my win mobile E650 and that played music flawlessly butI've just upgraded to San Francisco on Wednesday. Isn't there some sort of option for all audio to goto the headset once connected ? Thanks. Ray
  2. Ok,I'm missing something here. I have installed when I first got my san Francisco but still have a yellow explamation mark next to android. This is when the phone is connected on the green android boot screen. If I select up date driver and browse manually to the android folder or the 64 bit win 7 folder from those supplied in the download it staill says cannot find a driver for my device. so what do you mean, in steps "install manually" ? That's what i'm trying to do ! lol Ray
  3. mrmond

    Acer Aspire One ZG5 120GB netbook only £129

    If you want to replace the os I would suggest either Fedora 10 or Ubuntu Jaunty netbook remix. Reaon being they just work. If you want to put xp on this it works fine but you will need to visit the acer site to download wifi and video drivers etc if you don't have the aspire xp disk. Vista is just too slow but you can install the vista bricopack from crystalxp.net and xp then looks like vista without the speed suffering.
  4. mrmond

    Remote Desktop - Where'd it go?

    eerm... it does on my phones. I always use it on landscape with full screen on cause I got an E650 at the moment. supports server scaling as well. HTH. Just did a quick check to confirm, this from the web site .NET VNC Viewer is a VNC viewer written entirely in C#. It is binary compatible with Smartphones, Pocket PCs and Windows desktops (with .NET Compact Framework or .NET Framework). I write this mainly because other VNC viewers on Pocket PC do not do full screen and screen rotation. mrmond1
  5. mrmond

    Remote Desktop - Where'd it go?

    Why not just use .NET vnc viewer which works on all windows mobile phones I've had in the last 5 years ? Then you can use any vnc client on your pc with any os. Hell ! the viewer can even be run on windows as a standalone vnc viewer itself. plus most vnc client are more secure than the windows remote viewer service. Mrmond.
  6. I've always used mp4 files on tcpmp. It's the aac codec that most mp4 video files are encoded with for audio thats the problem Plays smoothly on my smartphone @ 200mhz
  7. mrmond

    New FREE Utility - NoData

    TThanks Paul. This will really come in handy. My E650 keeps trying to connect when I turn off wifi if internet is still running & I keep losing credit.
  8. mrmond

    Turn off GPRS on E650

    I don't get it. The G at the top off the phone will stay active to 'indicate' gprs is available if you want to use. It doesn't mean it's being used. This is always the case just the same as the normal phone signal strengh (or the word orange) indicates you have access to the network even when you're not on a call. In comm manager try switching phone off,the radio will have an x next to it,then turning wi-fi on. Just tried it and it works. Which is the way it's supposed to. Hope that helps.
  9. mrmond

    Orange UK ROM update for SPV E650

    That's right. All the E650s sent ou now have the latest updates included, even replacements sent out because of a fault/lost/stolen etc. I ordered mine on the 12th August and it came 2 days later with the updates already on it. Maybe the easiest way to get the updates if you can't find them would be "if" you had a problem with the speaker and you could "only hear people when the speakerphone is activated" then when they run a diagnostic and opt to replace it the replacement would be checked and have the latest updates included. Not that I'm condoning ringing up with a false fault report of course.
  10. mrmond

    Remove High Pitched Beep

    I also am having a problem with this. I know my phone is fully unlocked as I can run omap overclock utility which wouldn't run before unlocking it. I have used the registry editor in total commander and the pc based registry editor that links to the phone,and can change the value of the registry for callstart to 0, it's default is 2. It works until I change profile or restart the phone ! I know the value has been changed because if I change it then come out of total commander and go back in it still reads the value I set it to. However I can't seem to make the change permananent and it's driving me nuts. I work in an environment where I can have my phone on silent or vibrate but it still makes this extremely annoying sound. Does anyone know how to make this registry change permanent ? Thanks
  11. My Spv E650 came with the latest rom upgrades installed 2 weeks earlier than it was put on the website as it was provided internally as an employee. I have used the fix & debrand pack & also had no problems installing or running anything apart from omap clock. I ran the utility and it gave me a two tier mode but the tool cab I copied directly to the memory card and installed from there while diconnected from the pc. After rebooting, the unlock utility then succesfully unlocked it with all restrictions off. Just to check it I rebooted everything phone,pc and then started it up again and it reported the phone had all security restrictions off. edit. Just tried omapclock and it now runs fine.
  12. My netgear router has a setup access list in the wireless menu option. If wifi is turned on on the phone it shows available wireless stations with the mac address that's broadcast. Then you just select it to add to the trusted devices list and slect the option to turn access control on. I have a different problem. I can make a connection to the router but cannot access web pages. My pc doesn't have a wireless card in it,I use direct connection. I just want to use the router on it's own with the pc off. Ray
  13. link for C550 file not working. Tried patching with xg.ddl file that I thought was for C550 and when patched file put back on phone says not a valid application ?
  14. anyone in retentions will look at how long you have been with orange, monthly spend and the amount the are likely to get back from you if you stay compare to what they are prepared to offer. It varies from customer to customer. This is why some of you get a particular offer/bundle/phone & others don't. No other reason. In the near future Orange are going to wash their hands and say "Actually, our core customers have been with us for years, our main churn stay or leave us for the offers,come back then goto someone else with a better offer & come back again for a bit if orange bring out a good offer later on" But, our loyalty customers "they stay with us so we are going to treat them better, and if someone wants a pac code we're not going to faff around any more trying to keep them" The way it was put to me was. O2 have gained shed loads of customers when they launched new tariffs just before the animal tariffs. When the animal tariffs were revised orange saw half of them come back. The same with Flex AND web'n'walk So now they aren't going to bother. The ones that DON'T leave are the ones that have never left. Have been with orange so long and have built up magic numbers,bonus offers,loyalty upgrades etc. that it's not worth them leaving. 80% of their customers fit in this bracket. Most of their revenue comes from these as well so this is where they are going to concentrate. Look at the new ads. You'll see that it's not aimed at trying to get people onto orange. Its aimed at those who already are !
  15. I would like to ask... The original homescreen designer resolution does not support SPV C550 properly. have to manually edit xml after creating screen. C550 has same resolution as WM5 devices 320x220 but is WM2003se. Madbeetle homescreen designer works on C550 because it has the same resolution even though it was written to support WM5. So question is. Will it run on C550 ? If not will original designer be updates to support resolution of C550 ?

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