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  1. As you've known Master Kuanchai change his mobile phone to OmniaII and discontinue release Omnia's rom.So he ask "PdaMobiz rom staff" to release Omnia's rom instead and Master Dheewatara already done.If you visit PDAMobiz.com you will see Master Kuanchai and Master Dheewatara are "Mobiz rom staff". :)
  2. If you delete file "Place your OEM here" in folder OEM it would be fine. :)
  3. No, I didn't change anything it work fine with Wm6.1 slot0 is empty
  4. Finally I can cook 21055 without any issue.But when I cook 23414 I have 2 issues - Activesync not Sync. - I can't run Calendar because program memory not available . Any Idea?
  5. Can I use Imgfs.src ,imgfs-lzx.src, os.nb from your kitchen to cook i900? If can't How can I make ? Thankyou in advance.
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