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  1. Is this the only chance to get rid of this problem. I really liked S2U2. Is there any other program that works like S2U2 and which works with Sector's ROM? Thanks a lot for your answer anyway!!!! You're the first one to answer and I was really having an headache with this problem. :-) Edit: It seems to work. Manila 2D doesn't seem to reboot anymore. Thanks! I'll keep watching it.
  2. Hey everybody! I have been searching now for an hour and either I'm too stupid to look up things correctly or there has been no answer to this problem so far. I have got SECTOR's last Rom installed and it happens that almost everytime I switch the mobile on after stnd-by (were the monitor is black/off and you get to the slider-screen to un-lock the device) TouchFlo-2D relaunches! How do I solve this problem? It takes always a few seconds (up to ten) to relaunch my TouchFlo-screen with the clock and the agende, tabs, etc. I'm using S2U2 and PhoneEx, if it is any help. I also installed some themes and am currently using M2D-LEO-theme. Thanks a lot for your help and sorry again for asking maybe the same question again and again. Bye!!! :)
  3. Hi!! Has anybody an idea what this JBlend is for? I don't really know what it is useful for and how to use it. Thanks a lot guys! :-)
  4. Hi everybody! First of all THANX A LOT for this incredible theme and for the hard work you've put into it!!! RESPECT! I've tried to got to the doenload-mirror to get the S2U2 theme and the Spam alert theme, but the link is dead. Any ohter option to get it?? Thanks a lot, dudes!!
  5. There is no "Omnialite dialer" in my settings. Just htc Phone Pad , unknown calllog and Original Dialler for QBus ROMs. What do I do now? Where could I find the "original" QBUS Phonepad?
  6. Hi everybody! I am using The 23054 Rom and I tried to install the Omnia Lite Dialer. The result was that I cannot see the numbers I dial.Just a black field where numbers should appear. How can I go back to Sector's Dialler which was the default one when I flashed this Rom? Thanks a lot!!!! :)
  7. I have seen some screen-shots of this ROM with the Taskfacade icon in the Tab-list!! How did they get the program into the tab-list??? ;-)
  8. Hi everybody! I'd like to know if there is any chance to change/add new tabs into the M2D tabbar in Sector's 23504 ROM? What I mean is adding a tab to the home-contacts-programs-messages-etc-bar at the botom of the screen just above the windows taskbar. I think you should be able to change it in the M2DC prog, but there is no option to add a new tab out of your installed programs. Any idea to do so? THANKS!
  9. Hi there! I have seen your screenshots....which rom and theme are you using! I love your screen shots. How do I get my phone to look like yours?? :) :P Edit: Sorry, I've found it! Thanks anyway!!
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