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  1. If you launch the app camera (with stock rom) can you select which camera use? In my phone this is not possible is as if there was back camera. I have a multilanguage rom, is possible that there is a bug in software?
  2. Can someone help me? I have tried enable face unlock but I receive an error that say that is impossible open the app camera , so I have tried to do a videocall with skype but this use the back camera. If I use the camera app I can select only back camera to make photo is normal this? Is my front camera dead or the stock rom has a bug? Your X9 camera work correctly?
  3. I have already checked but I see: G800_Z5_YG_C1_V0.2_20130718 which version of Cai OS is this?
  4. Excuse me, I have the X9 from 2 days ago; where you have seen the version of Cai OS? If I go in info I read the build: G800_Z5_YG_C1_V0.2_20130718; do you know which version of Cai OS is it?

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