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  1. Yep, that works as a temporary fix but eventually I get the same problem. My old Desire has even started doing it now. Any ideas?
  2. I've just got my shiney new Sensation XE and was loving it. For some reason though it has now decided that it doesn't want to connect to my home Wifi. It was working fine until about 10 minutes ago. I didn't do anything dodgy. It jsut says connecting.........then disconnected..........then connecting........then disconnected. Anybody know what's up with it? My old desire still conects fine. Cheers ED
  3. But my phone is always telling me that storage space is low and when I delete applications that seems to resolve the issue. Not all the apps give me the option of moving them to my SD card???
  4. OK so I don't really understand the technical side of things and if I'm honest alot of what is spoken about on this forum and others goes over my head but I am able to follow simple guides. So this is my plan, am I thinking along the right lines...................... I want to remove the majority of stock applications from my desire that came with T-mobiles crap but I don't really want to change anything else, I just want the extra memory so I intend to do the following: * Root my phone using a guide from here or somewhere else * Download root explorer and superuser apps * Use root explorer to delete the crap So does that sound like it'll achieve my desired outcome?? Cheers ED
  5. I have the option of upgrading my phone in the next two months and I must say I've absolutley loved my Desire. It's been the phone I was hoping the Omnia was going to be and much much more. Looking around there's not much that even now seems as good as my Desire. The new HTC Sensation is a possibly contender but I was just wondering what the rest of you guys thought? What you gonna moveon to when the time comes? ED
  6. I'm sure this should be an easy one to answer. I've setup the e-mail account so that I can read the e-mails but I can't send. I suspect that the smtp settings are wrong. I'm using smtp.uwclub.net on port 25 with security type tls. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong? ED

    Flash player

    Loving the new flash player with 2.2, lots more things now viewable including Sky Poker. Thing is the screen size in landscape mode isn't quite right and I can't seem to scroll around it. Anybody got any solutions that could perhaps fix this? It's soo clsoe to playable. Also is it possible to stream flash video's through a media App instead of viewing them in the browser window? ED
  8. You could always mail me the link though ED
  9. Anybody know of any Apps which you can use Skype on? I've looked at a few but none seem to work. Cheers ED
  10. from T-mobile would I then be able to upgrade to 2.2? Cheers ED
  11. OK Estrongs is looking good. Can you direct me to an idiots guide to setting it up? I'm looking but not succeeding. Cheers ED
  12. OK so I use coreftp lite to transfer files from PC to XBOX. Would that work to my phone? Would I need to leave Coreftp running constantly on my PC? How would I find my phones IP address and password? Can a complete computer numpty like myself do this without breaking either my PC or phone? Cheers ED
  13. that would allow me to access files on my PC from my phone through Wifi? I had a look at Davdrive lite but I don't think that's what I'm after and I totally don't know how I would go about using it. Cheers ED
  14. A great Sat Nav program especially for free but is there anyway to change that voice? It's like Stephen Hawkins less abled sister! I've googled but have came up blank, anybody know if it can be done? ED
  15. Gotta say I applied mine fairly easily and found it to lineup perfectly. You can barely tell it's there coz I did such a top notch job. :-)
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