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  1. Congratulations! You have been banned! JK, I do not have rights to ban... sadly
  2. BGA!!! You have been so sorely missed! I am still using this ROM because you are the man! I sure wish that you hadn't left for the Droid, but I completely understand why. I just wish I could have your ROM with all the features of the newest updates! Hopefully I will be joining you in the Android community before too long, but I believe I will be moving to the Incredible (gotta love that Snapdragon processor!!!)
  3. I flashed to CC20, and without thinking about it flashed back to this ROM and everything is working fine. I actually tried a CC20 ROM to try the new features, but I couldnt live without this keyboard, so I came back to this one and it is still working. Long story short, I would dare say it will not likely break your phone, but you are taking a risk flashing any ROM.
  4. When I try to use youtube within Core, it does not work. I am able to select videos, and it shows the title of the video at the top, has the buffering wheel in the middle, than it just stops. I click Play again and it does the same thing. Suggestions?
  5. If I use an older version of the Youtube for WM app, than videos take up the full screen, with the updated version, it leaves black bars on the top, bottom and sides. Any suggestions? I would really like to keep with the newer version as it seems to buffer much quicker. Thanks in advance.
  6. This is for the I910 only, from what I understand, if you flash this to your I900, it will be bricked and the terrorists win.
  7. Thats what I thought too. But I have seen everyone who is posting their roms saying "MAKE SURE TO FLASH TO **** BEFORE USING THIS ROM OR YOU WILL DIE A SLOW AND PAINFUL DEATH!!!" so I got scared. Like I said, I have not had any problems thus far, but I am not a chef, so I dont know what the repurcussions are.
  8. So I downloaded and installed the new DC22 update from Samsung, and without thinking about it, installed Evidence's last ROM on top of it (CF03). So far I have not seen any problems, but I wanted to know if there is any chance of a problem rising up? If so, what kind of issue can I look forward to? Is there any danger/problem with continuing to do this, or do I need to change ASAP?
  9. Sweet! I am looking forward to trying it! Thanks guys!
  10. Does that allow you to take over the session without stopping what is going on?
  11. With a typical remote desktop application, it locks the computer so that if someone is physically standing in front of the machine, it says "This computer is in use by ***** and can only be unlocked...", are there any Windows Mobile applications that allow me to perform more of a remote assistance type connection? What I am wanting to be able to do is start a Netflix movie on my computer, and if I want to pause it or rewind it, be able to do so without getting out of bed. Anyone know of such a program for my phone?
  12. I would really like to make an app, but have no idea where to start. I was wondering if someone could please point me in the right direction of where to start. I am sure there are beginner guides out there, but the only guides I have seen are not for beginners, they are a bit more advanced. Please advise. Thanks
  13. Does that mean that this string of ROM's is dead???? You will be sorely missed. You were truly a Gourmet Chef among cooks... Or something like that.
  14. Anyone else having a problem with this ROM and not being able to change the calibration? I had to hard reset, and when I did, it was screwed up. I tried calibrating and it just got stuck in an endless loop. I hard reset again, and the same thing happened. Suggestions?
  15. I dont know if he changed his mind or not, but I know he had been talking about making the move to Android, said he was going with the O2, then fell off the face of the earth. So if he didnt change his mind back to Android, maybe we need to contact the local authorities and file a missing chef report :)
  16. Um, i sure hope you are kidding about that. Are you unaware that Androids app store has 20,000 apps all together in one place? And 70% of it is free. Sure there are lots of free applications for WM, but you have to search out and find them. WM marketplace has become a total flop. I check out a lot of tech sites, and I see many many new apps being bragged about for Android, yet I very rarely hear much for WinMo. Lets face it guys, I like WM myself, but it is dying. Unless WM7 is huge, they are not going to have much marketshare at all by the end of next year. Check out this link, Android has already surpassed WM (or WinCE). This is the market share in North America for the last 6 months.
  17. I think he has moved on to a better place.... Android that is. he has not posted anything since Dec 19.
  18. I havent found any way to get it working, but what I have heard is that the newest version sacrifices a lot of features for the new look. That is according to the guys on XDA anyway. A lot of them reverted back after putting it on.
  19. I am currently running Evidence's ROM so it is not that my phone needs to be upgraded. I am able to download the application just fine, but when I try to install it, it shows the loading bar, then it says screw you before even allowing you to choose where to install. Also, I could not find Q-GPS, can you give me a direct link?
  20. I am confused, they basically say "We dont condone it, but go for it, we just wont help you." Is that about what everyone else is getting? Wow, my head hurts. It did not look really like a take down request.
  21. So, I have an Omnia I910. I downloaded the newest version of Bing Mobile, as I have heard that it is quite the improvement, but when I try to install it, it says my device is not supported. The old version is working fine. Anyone got any ideas how to get the new one working?
  22. Does the rooting of the Droid help to get the CDMA drivers at all?
  23. That last comment is very true, however from what I understand, "Passion" is just the code name for the Google phone. Here is the first picture that has actually been acknowledged to be the Google phone. It was taken by a Google employee. http://www.engadget.com/2009/12/13/google-...ter-appearance/ Here is an earlier post, before they decided for sure the Google phone was going to come, and called this the HTC Passion. Of course, the CDMA part turned out to be incorrect, but everything else sounds about right. http://www.engadget.com/2009/12/07/htc-pas...dragon-in-veri/
  24. I agree the cosmetics are not the best, however it really looks like just poor color coordination to me. I like to put cases on my phone anyway to protect them so it would be ok as far as that goes. Plus it has the nice OLED screen and according to the tweets of the Googlers who have been given the phone, it has a high resolution. Combine that with Android 2.1 which includes interactive wallpapers and native speech to text in EVERY application to go along with everything else Android has to offer, it sounds pretty sexy to me.
  25. First off, welcome back. Glad to hear you arent in the witness protection program ;). Second, it looks like the "Passion" is shaping up to be the Official Google Phone. HTC is making the hardware, but it will sell directly from Google and will not have any HTC branding on it. There have been some pretty positive things said about it so far. It is running Android 2.1. Alas, I think I might have to get that one when it comes out. Or wait for a few more months for the LTE roll out. They have started putting it out in some markets they just dont have any devices that can use it yet. That problem will probably be remedied at CES so this summer should be interesting. Also, it sounds like WM7 will not be released until the END of next year. I fear they may not be able to keep many peoples interest for that long with all the developments from the other OS'es roling out constantly.
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