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  1. Thank's for the info. Maded new cab for testing with new IP, ( Not tested by me. aGPS_final_newip.cab
  2. Very very nice rom's, just tryed one of them. Noticed one bad thing for me - memory problem wih Primo - flashed back stock rom.... :((( Is'it possible to use Manila and Primo withaut ram isues? Darius P.
  3. Try to check the com ports and baud rates in program and device.
  4. It's strange that your omnia sometimes lost signal. Maybe you are using Primo 1.2 ? With primo 1.1 and igo 8 not noticed any signal lost. Anyway your are welcome. :mellow:
  5. Dear Dado, I see you are using com port 6 (default 7) for primo 1.2. do you using some programs for port spliting, like gpsgate or smth.? or maybe You using gpsmoddriver? http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=571266 another thing set_messages="0", must be: set_messages=0 or =1, without "" ?
  6. yes' right. plus google server address. in rom ver. for gps , most important thing is phone part. for me the best is JJ1.
  7. strange, in final cab only small diferences, I think it depends on rom ver. you are using. if you have data plan - leave xtra enabled.
  8. FW>>>> To solve this problem, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Power\Timeouts\ and change 'ACUserIdle' value (Default is 0) to your desired number (in seconds). This setting turns off your screen after your set setting once the screen goes dim. (e.g. I set it to 120 and I set my "Turn of backlight" in Samsung settings to 1 mins. This means in 3 mins the screen will turn off regardless of what application I have running in the background).
  9. In latest stock JJ1 firmware I am still have a bug: sometimes after phone call - omnia lock screen hangs till I slide it to unlock. Maybe somebody found a solution for that? thanks.
  10. It's more software problem. Simple> why old phone part worce (for gps fix) then new phone part... PDA without internet it's just a phone. And if You realy need normal/good navigation- buy PNA. :D It's just my opinion...
  11. wow :( In Lithuania 4usd - 100mb. or 7.6usd - 1gb, 3G+ speed up to 6mbps.
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