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  1. I am trying to reset my phone to the CF03 Rom but when i try to run the upgrade tool on Vista 64bit it says i need to install WMDC and i have it already installed. any help i have looked though the forum and no joy on the other posts. and i dont have a windows xp machine to do it on.
  2. I tried out one of the roms and went back to CF03 Rom but when i used UMDL and used the CF03.img and just put in the PDA part of it i lost the Samsung today 2 bar on the side that slides out. How do i get that back or do i after to flash the whole thing and not just the PDA part of it.
  3. Updated to the new rom installed ICS and got it connected though the usb cable soft reset and installed wifirouter .91 soft reset and go to connect and all i get is WLAN is on Waiting on ICS. It has worked before but i cant get it to work now and im going away for the weekend and need it i have soft reset about 10 times now and still nothing.
  4. Has Anybody been able to get the stock Rom for the i910 out of the Updater, so i can use UDML to flash back to the stock rom from a test rom.
  5. I am looking for the samsung 20 pin adapter cable that has some length to it. i have a car mount and the charger is to far away from the mount to charge the phone using the gps so im looking for the 20 pin connector that is long enough to plug the adapter into to plug in headphones or the charger.
  6. Chris98

    CC20 Rom

    Can i re flash the whole thing if it has already been flashed once.
  7. Chris98

    CC20 Rom

    THe widgets didnt come with it for some reason
  8. Chris98


    I added my city to the weather tab in TouchFlo but it cant find it, it comes up with Unable to retrive data for selected city and this is what i have in the .xml for it but i cant get it to work.
  9. I liked the CC20 rom i am trying out the 6.5 Wozzor rom and was wondering if i wanted to go back to the LEacked rom CC20 do i haft to flash the firmware again like i did to get the CC20 firmware.
  10. i have iGo for maps and i like it. But when i download the latest maps for it, 2008.10 by teleAtlas and i found a few problems with the michigan map
  11. Chris98

    ROM Testing Emulator

    If thats the case right now i have the CC20 rom so if i go to the WM 6.5 rom and i load up the CC20 rom and go back to it.
  12. Im trying to find a emulator to test out ROMs before i instal them on my phone.
  13. I havent tried the today 1 yet ill try that for the next few days but i havent found a good interface i like. as for the threaded messaging i like to see the conversation if i can.
  14. I updated my phone to the CC20 rom and left my girlfriends phone on the stock one. and i am running into a problem on mine, that if i recieve more than 1 message i haft to go into that conversation for each message to remove the notification ie: i recieve 3 messages from my girlfriend before all i had to do is go in and view the conversation and respond and the other 2 will be read and the notifcation wont be on the today screen. But now when i go in to the conversation to respond and leave it still says i have 2 unread messages even though i read them when i went in the first time, and i haft to keep going int 2 more times to remove the notification. is anybody else having this problem if you did how did you solve it. if you are and not solved it any ideas you might have come up with. and what changed in the rom to do that.
  15. Chris98

    Streets and Trips 2007

    That worked thank you very much i haft to bookmark those pages for future use.

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