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  1. Hi, I bought a c550 from onestopphoneshop about a month ago, unfortunately I have already managed to crack the screen! :evil: Where is the best place to get it fixed? Is it covered by any sort of warranty? Thanks George
  2. I have the same problem as posted by nicky above. Please Help (I have a c550 with an o2 payg sim).
  3. I take it it never worked on your c550 (ie. it worked on your older phone). This is a well known problem, due to the c550 having a larger screen resolution that the older smartphones.
  4. From what I've heard, when you first get your phone, you should fully charge it, then use it until the battery is fully discharged, then fully charge it, then let the battery fully discharge. After this you shouldn't let the battery go below 30%
  5. george7


    Sorry, I accidently gave the link that was pasted above the address bar, I meant to post the random I.P. address that I can't see to find right now (I'll post it later). Maybe some people aren't as computer literate as you are, I bet that there are LOT of people, possibly that just use the internet for ebay, that have fallen for this sort of scam
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    I know this isn’t smartphone related, but it is important! Today I received an email from eBay, telling me my account would be suspended if I didn’t update my details. Below was a link, to what looked like the secure eBay server: EDIT : link removed On clicking this link I was asked for my login details (you will notice at this point that you can enter ANY PASSWORD and it will still log you in!), in the address bar is htts:sfa, but because of the resolution on my monitor, it was offset, (below was a regular http ip address), this clearly indicates that it is, unfortunately, a SCAM! After entering your login details, you are asked (funnily enough) for your; CREDIT CARD DETAILS, and, PIN NUMBER!! Please spread the word on this, as I’m sure plenty of people will have already been scammed, the site would look very convincing on a regular monitor.
  7. If the c600 had 3G then playing live streaming audio from the internet would become a reality, and most of the digital stations are available online aswell. I just hope that 3G isn't as power hungry as GPRS is.
  8. Actually I think your confused :) Mobile Phones use MICROWAVES, these have a shorter wavelength that FREQUENCY MODULATED (FM) waves. FM is what your music radio detects, wheras microwaves are used to network your phone with the radio masts! Although technically your phone (c550, c500 etc.) does have a radio inside it, it is not an FM radio, so cannot recieve radio stations (radio one, radio two etc.) :D
  9. I think that in the c600, they should include a digital radio!
  10. Thanks, is there alot of difference between visual studio.net and visual basic 6? Is visual studio.net easy to use?
  11. Hi, for part of my 6th year computing course, I have been given the task of writing an application. I have chosen to write a smartphone application, but I was wondering: 1. Which language are smartphone programs written in? 2. Which program should I use to write these programs (ie. could I use Visual Basic?) 3. Is there any tutorials that could give me a helping hand? Thanks
  12. Hi guys, I've just installed Celltrack on to my c550 with o2 uk sim. When I start celltrack it says 000-00-0-0, underneath it aays "no signal" and underneath that in celldb status it says "waiting..." then up-to date" and "success" should it really say "0000-00-0-0", do i need to add a cell group/cell name? By the way, I have 2/3 bar signal. I also live in a fairly remote area (highlands of scotland) so I understand that no one will have submitted any cells up in my area, although if i go to "nearby cells" it looks something like this.... C... LAC S... 0 1... 8... 0 0 0 83 102 0 0 0 2... 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Please Help! Thanks
  13. I don't seem to be able to app unlock using the registry editor, could someone give me some more detailed instructions? cheers
  14. Hi, I was just wondering if anybody could give me a step by step guide to follow, so that I could application unlock and sim unlock my orange spv c550? I don't quite understand how to use the registry tool (almost) and the Spvservices tool! :) Thanks
  15. Just type "spv c550" into the search or go Here: Ebay C550 Like I said, there expensive though, you could try ordering from Onestopphoneshop they are MUCH cheaper (on contract, but TOTAL COST isabout £100), but I'm not sure if they ship to Ireland. If you go to Quidco then you will get cashback on purchases aswell! If you click on "Mobiles & Utilities" it gives a list of mobile phone sites aswell! Hope I could help
  16. You should get onestopphoneshop to repair it, as you get 3 months free insurance with your phone! (remember after 3 months it will cost £4.99 a month!)
  17. Hey guys, has anyone ordered a C550 of www.onestopphoneshop.com, and if so, have they actually recieved the handset yet? How long did delivery take? Thanks
  18. There selling them on www.ebay.co.uk on payg, but there quite expensive though!
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