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  1. You need a tethering application. Verizon offers one, but it requires an additional fee per month. I use PDAnet. It works great over a USB connection to the computer, or via Bluetooth and no monthly fees from Verizon. Google it for info. It works very good. There is also a topic on this forum about tethering the Omnia using some free stuff, but there were some issues with doing it that way.
  2. Hey guys.... This is great news!!! I've never flashed to any of the leaked ROMS. I was waiting patiently for the official release. Anyway, I'm new to this flashing stuff. What would you recommend to use to backup my contacts prior to performing the upgrade? Thanks...
  3. Well, when I got my Omnia, the only real requirement for me was that I could tether it to a notebook and use it as a modem. The iphone couldn't do that, so it wasn't even a consideration. I work in IT and have to be near internet access and a computer at a moments notice. My Omnia has worked great for that, and all the other cool things it does are just icing on the cake. Is the Omnia the best phone out there? Probably not. Is the Omnia a great phone? Of course! Is the iPhone the best phone out there? Probably not, Is the iPhone a great phone? Of course! C'mon people! Let's just get along and play nice with our toys :D But you guys are right, the Apple fanatics are a bit obnoxious ;) <---<<< Joking
  4. Try uninstalling Geoscout, delete the folder for GeoScout in your Program Files folder, then install SQL, then make sure you have the latest dotnetfx (3.5 i believe) installed. Then reinstall Geoscout. I've always had to have it autodiscover the GPS and it has always worked.
  5. I use GeoScout. It works great. It's got a lot of features. It integrates really well with Geocaching.com too. I tried Basic GPS too and had no luck getting it to work.
  6. Actually if you look at the original picture in full, there are 3 satellites; Dione Tethis, and Rhea. You can check it out here: http://dougsuniverse.net/saturn.html
  7. Hi Everyone, For the astronomy fans out there, I made a bunch of Lifestyle page backgrounds (960x748). They are some of my favorite astronomical images. I shot the Saturn, Jupiter, and Moon images from my backyard observatory with my telescope. Here are a few screenshots.... Hope you enjoy.... AstroWall.zip
  8. I'm trying to muster up the courage to apply the upgrade. I have enough bricks leftover from a landscaping project. Don't need anymore.
  9. Take an extension cord, cut the wires and strip off about 1.4 inch on each wire. Then open the back of your Omnia and remove the battery. Plug the extension cord into the wall (BE CAREFUL not to touch the bare wires, or let them touch themselves). Touch the wires to the battery contacts in the phone (NOT ON THE BATTERY), thus applying the full brunt of 120VAC wall current into the omnia. Poof!!! Omnia no workie! :excl: Actually the above was more for humor. You could probably electrically damage the phone easier with a DC power supply. Using the above method would most likey arc and leave burn marks on the battery contacts and be obvious to whoever looked at your phone.
  10. With that attitude, nobody is going to help you. B)
  11. Since I've enjoyed this thread so much, I thought I would add a couple of my own pics I took this weekend. This is the first time I've taken any pictures with the camera while out sightseeing. These were shot in Galena, Illinois in the USA. The last one was shot in my back yard this morning in Naperville, Illinois. Yes it snowed this morning (April 6th 2009). Downtown Galena, Illinois Grant's Statue Civil War Monument Snow in Naperville April 6th 2009
  12. NO, not incorrect, you misunderstood. He asked if it bypasses the "extra" 15.99 Verizon charges for VZAccess. It bypasses that charge. Yes, you have to have an unlimited dataplan, but why you would want a kickbutt phone like this without a data plan is beyond me.
  13. There you go, blame the phone for your service provider's lousy coverage in your area.
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