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  1. Hi everybody, i have problem starting s2p, it luanches but i see only thew name off the application and the home screen, the home screen is not "touchable", it doesn't react to preassure. The phone reacts only if i exit the app with red phone reject call button, at this point s2u2 function as s2p runs in background (front button doesn't awake the phone, must use power button) but i can't see s2p in the running applications. anyone has a solution?
  2. Can anyone tell me how to install the omnia default samsung keyboard on this rom? i find myself not well with the new keyboard and the installer of the omnia default one doesn't complete, tells it doesn't have the permission
  3. Oh yes they are, at least in my omnia i can't see them in the input choice, i find only the new omnialite keyboard, i would like to install the keypad and phonepad too but the installer (in steve rom it install fine) doesn't succeed the installation, seems it doesm't have the right permissions :) EDIT: Sorry guys, i haven't already found the longpress function of the t9 button :D ...
  4. Hi guys, seems t9 keyboards (including phonepad and keypad) are missing in this rom, tried the cab that had always succeded the installation, but in this rom fails. Any suggestion? i don't like writing message with both hands and the t9 phonepad was my choice. I don't want to rollback rom if there is a solution :)
  5. Same problem here, maybe a problem in compatibility on the servers with contents for the new touchwiz 2.0, hope samsung doesn't abandon development on omnia, but i think we must accept this now or later since omnia II is out :)
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