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  1. check but nothing:unsure: can you send link with a pm please?
  2. I am indiegogo donor and I haven't received email with download link. you say on tuesday
  3. I don't understand reading intruction when I must flash gpe rom :wacko:
  4. I have donated 5£ but I haven't received email. my email is
  5. please I am a donor on indiegogo, May I have a link to download beta?
  6. Hi Paul, I am a donor on indiegogo, how can I get beta?
  7. Sorry I'm not a noob but reading instructions I don't understand when I must flash gpe rom :unsure: Someone can explain please?
  8. hello, I am a donor on indiegogo. how can I get beta?
  9. Hello I'm Italian and sorry for my english the rom is fantastic but I have a problem with gps. in gps setting I can select in gps program all the port (com1 com2 etc) but only port com5 and com9 really work. I have try with gps gate and port slitter. Can you help me please because with port 5 and 9 tomtom does't work. thanks
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