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  1. Xander

    SAP Users Christmas 2003 Batian Portion!

    Merry X-Mas to all forum members!
  2. Xander

    FPJ for PRESIDENT! your thoughts

    FPJ may have good intentions but I don't think he will do our country any good by running it. He should just let the politicians handle the politicking.
  3. Xander

    BUY & SELL Thread

    Sorry, not Imate. ROM hasn't been touched since purchase.
  4. Xander

    BUY & SELL Thread

    selling my SAP for 11K. good condition, with screen protector since day one. to the person who PM'ed me. Please PM again f ur interested.
  5. Xander

    Selling my Smartphone

    Just chalk it up to the advance of technology. Parang PC, if you have one now that's start of the art, in six months, it's OK pa rin, in one year, OK lang, in two, OK nang bumili ng bago.
  6. Does anyone have the latest versions of Xetra's Apps (Xbar, Thermo, Xmail, etc)? I can't access the original site anymore. Thanks.
  7. Xetra's wondrous website, it seems, has closed. The message on the website loosely translated from French reads: It is finished. Enough (or lack?) of motivation to continue. Xetra, please don't stop. You're one of those rare people like midnight who help keep our SPVs grow. :oops: ;)
  8. Could you make a lighter background? Like baby blue?
  9. Xander

    512MB SD!

    The SD card was jointly developed by Toshiba, Panasonic (actually Matsushita, its parent company) and SanDisk, so I don't see why the Panasonic brand is higher in quality than SanDisk since they both use the same technology. And SanDisk is known worldwide for its memory products.
  10. The MP3s need to be in the Storage CardMy Documents folder.
  11. Xander

    pocketmusic will not run!

    If your EQ and XB settings are ON, the player will stutter badly (esp for high bit-rate audio). When set to off (not highlighted), the player doesn't suffer from this phenomenon. Or try converting hte audio to a lower bitrate.
  12. Xander

    POCKETMUSIC sucks!!

    If you use Ogg files, it seems to clear up the EQ issue.
  13. Have you tried PocketMusic? It's new and it's free!!!
  14. Xander

    General-Pinoy Poster Profile

    Nickname IRL (In Real Life) : Erick Industry and/or Field of Specialization: IT in general. Age: 29 Gender: male Sports and Hobbies: net surfing, gadgets, books, Location: Alabang Why SAP/SPV/Tanager? (one sentence only): Because it's only limited by your own imagination. (can you say that with a nokia?) :twisted:
  15. Xander

    Amazing Phone free at plan 800

    But they say the new SPV sucks... ;( Upgraded the camera and included bluetooth, but the PROCESSOR IS SLOWER THAN THAT ON A MITAC!!! So much for waiting... http://msmobiles.com/news.php/1244.html

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