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  1. Thanks Master OCK's. With SRS_WOW_HD_1.5.1.0_OMNIA my motorola S9 works perfectly in your 23563 M2Dv2!
  2. OCK's, i can'ot connect my motorola S9 bluetooth stereo headfone in your 23563 M2Dv2. I have used in many other roms, but in 23563 M2Dv2 do'nt work, any solution?
  3. How to enable "Automaticlly set Date and Time" in 23563 M2Dv2? In the 23557 M2Dv2 is anable in the first initialization.
  4. I not use the tabs Images and Music, always disable in the MD2C, I prefer the apps S2P and Resco Photo Manager configured in side buttons on the Omnia. Google Maps, Youtube Player and other apps i prefer to install in the My Storage, so there's more memory and Omnia works best. All apps are contained in the rom installed in My Device which fills the memory, and most of the apps i'm not use, i would install only the ones that interest me. Sorry for the bad inglish...google translator.... My OCK's 23557 M2Dv2:
  5. Settings>Home>Items Tab>Disable TouchFLO and enable Windows Default, or not...
  6. OCK's I use the same ringtone for all roms that test, with the name of SMS, where a voice says "You Got Message", i've had this same probrema other roms, but it does not bother me because they were buggy and i changed, but I really liked your rom and i intend to stick with it, this is a small bug, the rom is exceptional. Congratulations. And tank's for your attention.
  7. Excuse me for not explaining right. In volume control, the levels are recorded, but when I receive an sms the sound plays much taller and is need to reconfigure again to the levels return to normal. Sorry for the bad inglish, google translator....
  8. I'm using 23557 M2D, it's perfect! One little bug found: i set the volume level 3 in System and Bell, but when I get a sms or mms volume touches in level 5 and i ned reconfigured the levels. Who to fix?
  9. You're the best cooker! The 236xx are the best wm builds. You can cook a 23640 ock's premium rom?
  10. Please, one last rom in the build 23640? You're the best cooker! Your HIDE20 23626 is the best rom i have used!! Sorry for the bad inglish....
  11. 23626-FloTanium (Nick 17-02-10) + S2U2 DUSK skin ~ tacchan23 edition + DINIK_Anastasia_IconSet + WM7_Red_WQVGA_B23081 + M2D Clock Skin S.V.I_aniclock + Internet Tab customized for my + PTG_Manila + Start Menu customized for my
  12. How flash the phone part in Win Se7en 64 using USDL_GrandPrix_v1.6.4_VISTA? Works fine for the flash roms, but in phone parts appears the message: Port Create retry (25) Port Create retry (24) Port Create retry (23) .... Port Create retry (1) Port Create retry (0) I need more drivers? Sorry for the bad inglish...google translator...
  13. The best build is the 236xx. I have used 23616, 23620 and 23626 form diferent cookers. Very fast, stable, all systems works fine, batery nevers end... My official build is the 236xx!
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