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  1. RIP Richard Burns in that case :) "Richard Burns, who won the world rally championship in 2001, has died at the age of 34 after a long illness, on the fourth anniversary of his title win. Burns had not competed since he passed out at the wheel of his road car on the way to the Wales Rally GB in 2003. He was diagnosed with a brain tumour and underwent surgery in April. " RIP George Best also, arguably greatest footballer to ever play.
  2. 1. The analog isn't rubber, it's plastic, so it should be alright for a while :o 2. I ordered it from ebay, to avoid import costs and what have you...cost £195 including next day delivery. http://stores.ebay.co.uk/ACTION-FIGURE-IMP...storeviewQQtZkm 3. It comes with 2.0, but it is easy to downgrade to 1.5 if you want to run homebrew :(
  3. A White PSP....it's gorgeous, not only does it look alot better than my black PSP, but it IS better. :lol: The build quality feels much better, the joypad doesn't creek anymore, the square button works the same as the rest of the buttons, and they are slightly more raised. And no dust under the screen, VERY pleased with :P I'll take some piccy's when my new camera turns up :o Oh yeh, and you don't see every single fingerprint on this white one like you do on the black one :(
  4. I've had mine since the beginning of February, the games i have are.... Fifa 2005 Tiger Woods 2005 Ridge Racers Spiderman 2 Wipeout Pure Tony Hawks underground
  5. Looks like i (Ruud Van Dave) have taken 1st place after the first premiership weekend :)
  6. I've got the ebuyer card, and it works great :) If i was you i would save the 40 odd quid and get the ebuyer one, as i have had nor problems at all with it and it was very easy to set up :D
  7. Does the same on my JAM, if BT is off and i turn the device off, i can press any buttons and nothing happens, but if BT is on, i turn the device off, but the calender, call etc. buttons still work :?
  8. Just ordered a couple of these, one for my JAM and one for my bro's M500 that's on it's way, so cheap! :)
  9. Damn :D Does the M500 include a program called "xBackup" like the JAM does? I backup my JAM regularly using that app, so if i do need to hard reset, all i have to do is open xBackup and press "Restore" :)
  10. Soft reset is the same as turning eg. a C500 off and on again :)
  11. F15, does that mean i am like beersoft? :| :)
  12. That'll be Activesync Remote Display ;)
  13. My Windows Mobile 2005 imitation ;)
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