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  1. Thanks 3shirts. I am now using the "Wifi Near" context for switching on and off my wifi at home and work. Great tip. Seems more reliable than the location context.
  2. Hi all, Anyone else notice that the audio volume for the Nexus is extremely low. I am comparing with a Gaxlay SII which is very good volume-wise. I've seen mention on XDA of an app called 'Volume+ FREE'. I have given thois a go but without any significant change. Paul, is this something that can be fixed in the ROM. Are Samsung applying a max volume ceiling to protect our ears if using headphones. Anyone have any ideas om how to increase the volume, otherwise it is going back :( Mike
  3. Device Name: HTC HD2 Operating System Version: Windows Mobile 6.5 ROM type: HTC ROM 1.43
  4. You suggest what to do with TTN5, but what about TTN6. I have TTN6 installed on my old MDA Vario II with the UK map on SD card. I have installed the TTN Taster TTN6.032 on my newly bought HTC TyTN II and have dowmnloaded my one free map of Leeds to the SD card. The Leeds map works fine. Can I now activate my UK map to work on the TyTN? Thanks Mike
  5. This seems to be working now and I haven't done anything to the TyTN II. I ended up emailing Smart M:Panel as Paul hadn't postted a follow up. They replied saying I was active and everything looked OK. I checked the M:Metrics icon and low and behold it showed me as "Active" and confirmed my last upload. I've seen the last upload date change now and I've stopped getting the network message from Tmobile UK regarding 11 digit phone numbers for texts. Artax, do you still have problems with this? Mike I wonder if Smart M:Panel did something without letting on.
  6. Try PocketMax's PhoneAlarm - http://www.pocketmax.net/phoneAlarm.html
  7. Same problem here, installs OK and then network messages about 11 digit phone numbers. The MMetrics control panel says the software is inactive. Im also on Tmobile UK. Paul can you investigate further please? Mike
  8. arrggghhhh!!!! Yes It's Google Maps. I installed Microsoft Live Search. Once I told it I had a GPS on COM4 it immediately displayed by GPS position on a map. Brilliant. Any recommendations for good Navigation software - suitable for car and walking. Mike
  9. I have just purchased a Qstarz BT-Q818 GPS Receiver and I am attempting to use this with my Tmobile Vario II. I do not appear to be establishing a BT connection. I turn on the GPS receiver and then turn on BT on the Vario II and proceeed thru the pairing process. The Device iBT-GPS is found and I appear to pair to as the passkey of 0000 is recognised. I select "Serial Port" from the list of Services and then have selected COM8 for a New Outgoing Port. At this point the Bluetooth icon on the receiver is flashing every 5 seconds implying it is in power saving mode. (is this no BT connection?) I start GoogleMaps and select Track Location (GPS). A message appears "GPS Starting" and then I receive an error page stating the GPS Device cannot be found'. I have re-paired the Receiver many times, the unit is fully charged. I have no other BT devices paired. I've done a search and see that many people are successfully using a QSTARZ receiver with TomTom. is the issue with GoogleMaps or more basic with Bluetooth pairing itself. Any help will be much appreciated. Mike
  10. Anyone know either when this phone will be available in the UK or where I can buy an Unlocked US veraion for which I can insert my Tmobile UK SIM? Mike
  11. I currently have an SPV M5000 with 3G SIM, I want to obtain an SPV 600 as I really need a phone sized phone at times!!! Will Orange allow me to request a GSM SIM if I tell them I'm keeping the M5000 as I will swap SIM's. The M5000 during my working day and the C600 during weekends. I'm 6 months into contract so getting out of contract isn't an option. I've heard it may be possible to have 2 SIM's with the same number, can one be GSM and the other 3G. Whats the best way of approaching Orange on this. Regards, Mike
  12. I have nearly all of them for you. Clear Storage - ClearStorage.exe Download Agent - dlagent.exe Enroller - Enroller.exe Help - Help.lnk SIM Manager - SIM_Mgr.exe Terminal Services - Wireless Modem - WModem.lnk Mike
  13. I have a SPV M5000 with 3G sim that I got after upgrading from my Orange SPV C500. Occasionally it would be nice just to carry the small phone arround. Will the 3g SIM from my M5000 work in the C500. Many Thanks. Mike
  14. Adamski, 1) Have you been closing programs: Start>Settings>System>Memory>Running Programs 2) Invest in MemMaid. This has a "clean" function that allows you to clear IE Cache, Dead registry, temporary files etc. It also allows you to perform a soft-reset from a button. This always clears memory. WN5 nmemory management still needs work on from Microsoft. Hopefully their next ROM fix weill address some of these issues.
  15. Wizzard, Press the power button, the screen goes blank. I wait a few seconds and then press the power button again and the screen switches back on. I've set up and deleted seveeral email accounts and had no problems. Just remember to switch off/on before doing any soft reset to save to ROM. Mike
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