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  1. +1 on the above. Ran from WIndows 8.1 x64. I ran the command Window in Admin mode just in case
  2. Best not throw stones in glass houses. PPI (Pixels Per INCH) is directly related to screen resolution across screen size. One of the reasons the iPhones is so high is that the screen is comparativly tiny at 3.5" as apposed to the Razor max which has the same resolution but across a much bigger 4.3" screen. FYI the PPI on the above tablets its 218~ http://members.ping.de/~sven/dpi.html
  3. Higher PPI comes from higher res screens so the PPI for 10" tablet at 1080P is only slighlty higher (edit) than the Google nexus 7" and you get another 3" to use which is great if your using the tablet for something a bit more serious.
  4. From what i remember about my Tegra 2 tablet (advent Vega) If you can get it into the nVida bootloader and grab an image, for backup purposes, they are almost unbrickable.
  5. Could just donwload goolge play music form the following thread and install it onto your device? http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1533862
  6. I get freequent signal strenght issues with the phone ranging fom good HSPA connection to dropping it altogether and swithcing to 2g.... its bloody anoying as its sitting here having a hissy fit doing it at the moment.Wondering if its a netowrk thing though .. im ont-mobile
  7. My 888 has an option for the HW launcher to add/remove homescreens. On any homescreen press Menu-> Home Settings-> Advanced settings
  8. The Android source code is licenced under an Apache license so Huawei dont have to release any android mods. The kernel however, which is the important bit for us, is licenced under GPL and is required to be distributed for free if you release a product using that code
  9. Do you know how to change the alarm timeout? Its really annoying that it times out after a minute.
  10. Returning a device is the quickest way of putting a rocket up the ass of a company for faulty units and yes the end users shouldn’t be the beta testers. Personally I had only experienced the low speaker volume issue was not aware about the phone not reviving call.
  11. The phone has been out for two weeks and the issue has been fixed. Not sure what your expecting but you wouldn't get next day service from premuim device providers like Apple.
  12. 1-Download the extracted ROM from here: http://files.podtwo.com/roms/stock/huawei/u8815/ 2-Open the zip in windows. 3-Navigate to \system\app 4-Copy the calendar apk to your phones SDCard 5-Follow previous post of mine
  13. You shouldn't need to do that. just copy the file to the sdcard by mounting it in Windows like you would if you were copying music and pictures to and from the phone. Then use the normal inbuilt file explorer to open the APK file. You will just need to turn on the option in the settings to allow the installation of packages from unknown locations.
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