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  1. as i told you on xda "greg" is sometimes a read pain in the bootom back. Try higher min freq. For example use stock rom one and try.
  2. I agree with @greece4E i cant manage to pull off more than 2:30onscreetime normal use per 12-14 hours.No underclocking no underwolting or any tweaks.Brightness on auto 2G+3G data but moustly on WiFi also i deselect notifications for every app that i install in apps menu except for whats app viber etc...Tapatalk installed but notifications disabled.
  3. Wiping ecerything and formating everything except external SD alwayse even for nightly builds.Will test Omni and compare this two.Btw noticed that auto brightness have a bit high values for my taste so i manualy adjust it to even more save battery :)
  4. Not just this website almoust all of them with -dolphin opera firefox CM and chinese one browsers all of them show same rendering problem.Just flashed latest CM and i dont have this problem O.O Also had some lag spikes but only when i use stock browser after thay whole rom start to be very slow untill restart.Maybe i am uaing wrong CPU gov.Idk
  5. On latest build sometimes i get lag spikes bad one also every browser i tryed have rendering problem like this >>
  6. Not a problem since i alwayse perform full wipe before fleshing every new build or rom.Maybe it was ghoust report will monitor it.
  7. Can you clean up a bit this first thread ? It is little confusing o.O after downloading and full wiping the system fleshing your rom do we still need to flesh again new kernel (even if it is the latest build of rom ?)."After firat boot up do thing above " what things ? Change to intelliplug or ??? It is little confusing to me.[emoji19] P.S. i dont see anywhere intelliplug in cpuquite xD also i noticed i have 1% time in state with 1700 MHz cpu and it is set max 1500 min 51 WTF?
  8. @greece4E Sorry for OT everybody.Also it will be great if we can get mourta kernel for stock....
  9. @penguin449 do you want to get banned? Because this is how you will get banned.
  10. I will download your rom and test it but i will badword eat my phone if i can manage to get 4+onscreen hours per 13(not 24 hours).
  11. Didn't tried this specific builds but I trued nightly from couple days ago and I must say everything is working fine except when I turn on app bar option front buttons start to glitch and stop working when I turn it off everything is fine.
  12. Roms that are based of official CM.But they have other problems.
  13. Not that dumb but ok... Also it does metter at least for me since i tested micro and mini on CM 11 liquid smooth and PAC.I am getting better performance with micro.Even better use Banks apps.
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