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  1. Getting the iPhone mainly for its game, sensitivity and little/no lag features. Doubt Win 7 would be able to duplicate that. How do i get sim card to save text messages particularly from a specific person? romka99: Nice recommendation! But it seems I wont be able to transfer these sms to my new iPhone. Any chance you have another alternative?
  2. About to switch to iPhone. I'm wondering how i can save all my gf's sms from the past 1 year plus to the iPhone.
  3. 1) What program can i use to keep track of my daily expenses? Preferably, one that I can input notes alongside it, so i can note down where i spent the money. 2) Also, is there a good backup program as i'm going to hard reset my HP.
  4. Are there any clashes? SPB has various compatibility issue with some of the programs i installed, making the phone unstable. I want to avoid the same problem, as much as possible, with pointsense.
  5. With Pointsense on the verge of being released (everything looking nice so far), i'm thinking of switching from SPB to that. Would like to know which rom runs best with Pointsense? I'm sure some of you guys have been running that and can offer me great advice. Thanks.
  6. Having used both Mobile shell 3, or even 3.5 for that matter, and PointSense Suite V2.0.0.6, what is your pick and why? Please vote, and if others, why?
  7. Every time i use iPhone, be it surfing the net, or using its application, the transition between screens is extremely smooth, seemingly lag-free. I'm wondering if there is a rom, probably an extremely light and stable one, that closely emulate that of the iPhone? These lags make me frustrated using Omnia after awhile. What is it that differs iPhone's performance compared to Omnia's?
  8. Wow, didnt know about that! Had a look at it, everything seems cool and slick. Any downside using them though? Like any problems faced so far causing big distress? P.S. Since im using SPB 3 now, do i need to hard reset my Omnia before installing point UI?
  9. Ya, I've to agree that SPB is too 'gimmicky and cartoony'. Im looking for a professional and sleek looking one. Any suggestions based on that?
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