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  1. i use avs video converter 6 it allows you to make a cuatom profile.allowing you to change the size and frame per second rate. i could upload it somewhere
  2. i was just wondering is there any way to make a picture from the gallery a wallpaper nstead of just part of it?
  3. ok stock ere36b thats why then any fixes for it i havent found any edit could it be fixed by flash cyan or modaco roms?
  4. this is in the market place. it will not show the apps i bought in the past under search or nothing. example...... i bought "bust a move" and now i can't find it on the market for download anywhere
  5. once again i rooted a n1 before and this didnt happen. rooted my new nexus one and i cannot view apps i payed for or some other ones that are free?
  6. ahhhhhh thats right thank you figured it was something small
  7. i had the nexus last week and when i unlocked bootloader and rooted, when i connected the usb to pc i had 2 options mount, debugging. well my friend had an iphone my wife wanted so we traded. bought a new nexus and i did the same as before but dont have the debugging option? what am i doing wrong
  8. yeah i had to make the switch from verizon to at&t so i'm moving rom the omnia i910 to the fuze, hopefully i won't be as busy as i have been so i can do some work on it like skin some thing and other things
  9. sorry guys but comouter has been messing up and got it fixed but now i gotta restart sorry be done asap
  10. got it working it was fun for 10 minutes and then i was bored lol but it was REAL good and very nice work
  11. smi wm sdk unsuccesful don't know why i got 3.5 installed
  12. yeah, everyone that has one is reporting that it works so i'm going to get one and use the hell out of it
  13. what do you mean? the popup key is pictured in the last screen shot. its going to be grey faded to black (as is in the picture just added an outline)
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